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Conversion Copy And Messaging Strategy That Makes People Say "WANT!" To What You Offer

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Conversion Copy And Messaging Strategy That Makes People Say "WANT!" To What You Offer

"Since working with Suzy, I became fully booked with paid workshops and speaking engagements!" 





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Suzy Cater


Your business is growing, evolving, expanding -- but your copy's struggling to keep up.

You want your brand's messaging to be powerful and memorable... and to exquisitely capture your magic

Meaning: words that make you stand effortlessly out, and that position you as the must-work-with expert your audience needs to make their desires a reality.

Bottom line? You're done feeling stuck on what to say... and you're ohhh-so-achingly ready for a transformational copy and messaging UPGRADE.

Well, crack open the Veuve Cliquot, darling, 'cos you're in the right place!

I'm Dr. Suzy Cater, and I help bold, creative women voice the messages they're truly meant to share, so they can get noticed, adored and fantastically PAID for the work they most love to do, without holding back or censoring themselves.

I'll help you turn your readers into raving fans and buyers, and give you game-changing copy that actually gets RESULTS.

Side effects may includemost profitable launches ever, high-profile speaking gigs booked, and premium 1:1 packages scooped up by your dream clients like salted crack caramel ice cream (take a look at the testimonials!) 

Sara Loureiro

Sara J. Loureiro, Business Coach


"I felt so much more confident AND made the most launch revenue ever for my group program after getting Suzy's help with my copy. She created a sales page for me that was light years better than the one I'd made on my own, plus she opened my eyes to how little of ME I'd been sharing in my writing. I've made almost $25K in course sales thanks to her copy, and am on track to use it to hit six figures in 2020!"

Darlene Hawley

Darlene Hawley, Personal Branding & Business Coach


"Suzy has an incredible knack of knowing how to master your wording to make sure it completely reflects who you are and what your brand is trying to portray. When we first spoke, I was having trouble getting traffic past my website's home page. Suzy was able to quickly identify how my website message needed to be reworked to make it clear who I work with and how I can help them. Since then, I've been able to grow my email list by 600 new subscribers and triple my business!"

Adele Leah

Adele Leah, Career Coach


"Not only is Suzy a rare find and a joy to deal with, but the copy she's created has seen a huge return on my investment! She has an amazing talent for capturing your brand message, vision, and tone of voice with her words. Her copy wisdom helped me launch my website, online course, and coaching program, and she showed me how to develop my ideas and stories in ways that brought me so many new client inquiries. She's been KEY to developing my business!"

Tired of feeling all over the place with your messaging?

Here's how I can help YOU come up with words that spell out your superpowers, make you stand beautifully out, and give you the momentum and confidence you need to have your biz grow, baby, grow...



You're tired of going it alone - you're ready for an expert to guide you, so you can take your messaging from just okay to "yes, I want IN -- and please take my credit card info now!" levels of amazing. 

Whether you have a one-time strategy intensive or an ongoing messaging mentorship, we'll dive into the powerful vision, stories, and promise that set you apart, so you have the language to create an online presence that fully does your gifts justice.


This is where you jump off the DIY struggle bus and get your business next-level copy that'll explode your sales, convey the heart of what you do, and forge deep connection and trust with your readers. 

No more second-guessing, wasting energy, or delaying on this -- I'll work with you to profoundly transform your website copy, so you walk away with game-changing words that make your audience say hell, yes and YOU cry happy tears.

I've helped my clients experience moments that have been the "highlights of their professional lives"...

I can help YOU:

I've helped my clients experience moments that have been the "highlights of their professional lives"...

I can help YOU:

Craft website copy that has your dream clients drooling (and lining up to book calls with you!)

Turn your mailing list from a barren wasteland into a gold mine of hot, ready-to-buy leads 

Write sales copy that gets your high-ticket offers swooosh-ing off the shelves 

Make your brand un-freakin-forgettable with stories that make your audience swoon

Put a messaging strategy in place that gets you fully-booked with a waiting list (come to mama!)

Use your authentic voice to grow your online presence and get the high-impact visibility you crave 


I'll be asking you questions like...

  • What would you share if you weren't afraid of criticism? 
  • What are you ready to take a stand for?
  • When have you been courageous in the past, and how can you channel that courage in your messaging today?

Then we'll come up with answers that are gaMe-changers for your copy and business growth.


Suzy Cater

seriously, what would happen if you took your messaging from a pretty good seven-and-a-half and ramped it up to a full-throttle TEN?

You'd go from lingering feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt to having the confidence and conviction that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOUR AUDIENCE NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU... and feeling ready to share it on the stages of the world. (That's what.)

Powerful messaging = MORE leads, cash, momentum, visibility, and abundance.
Just ask my clients...

Lauri Shropshire

Lauri's doing the work of her dreams!

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Suzy. After just a few hours of talking, she was able to hear my inner voice and pull the right words out of me. She showed me how to communicate my story and talents to the point where it was raining opportunities and jobs! 

Within less than 3 months, I was able to start doing the work I'd been longing to do more of full-time. I love my job so much -- I am ever grateful to Suzy!"

Lauri Shropshire, Change Management Consultant

Melissa Holtz

Melissa's copy transformed after working with Suzy!

"Suzy is able to take my plain, straightforward writing, and quickly bring it to life with beautiful, relatable language which sounds natural and optimistic. 

She is by far one of the most gifted and easy-to-collaborate-with writers that I know. I cannot recommend working with her enough!"

Melissa Holtz, Designer and Photographer

Carolina Vee

Carolina Vee, Confidence and Life Coach

$13K in sales for carolina with her new about page!

"Strategizing with Suzy and soaking up her copy wisdom not only broke my writer's block, but I was finally able to write copy that resonates with my ideal clients, tells my story in a compelling way, and communicates how transformative my work is. I felt so much more confident and aligned bringing in those new clients, knowing they already knew who I was and what I could offer them from my About page copy!"

Trudy Booth

"It sounded exactly like me!"

"Before speaking to Suzy, I was feeling so stuck on what to write and how to really get the message across about who I am and what I do as I redesigned the website for my coaching practice. After talking to her very briefly about myself and my coaching, Suzy completely blew me away with her suggestions for what to write.

She has a talent for working out what it is you really want to say, and is so on target and so elegant (and eloquent) at the same time. Best of all it sounded exactly like me! I’ve now rewritten and redesigned my website and I LOVE it. Suzy is so inspiring, she really has a gift."

Trudy Booth, Life and Relationship Coach

Zeva Bellel

"What Suzy was able to do was magic!"

"I'm a former journalist, so I take my words super seriously and was already very on top of the copy for my new coaching site before I spoke with Suzy. But our call together was so wonderfully helpful! Suzy asked me a bunch of questions in a way that was very casual and conversational, and what she was able to do with that information was magic. 

She extracted aspects of what truly motivates me into poignant, emotion-driven prose and found the exact spots where I could elevate my copy to make the biggest impact. She’s a true professional who’ll help you draw people in by adding more energy, emotion and soul to your writing!"

Zeva Bellel, Career and Leadership Coach

Want to know more of MY STORY?

Here are TEN glimpses into how I got here...

Want to know more of MY STORY?

Here are ten glimpses into how I got here...


I have a PhD in this sh*t (with Honors, baby!)

In my "pre-entrepreneur" life as an award-winning researcher at New York University, Oxford, and the Sorbonne, I explored how authors from backgrounds where it wasn't usual or encouraged to write succeeded in finding their voices and creating groundbreaking pieces of writing that changed lives -- and sometimes history.


I broke free

After a serious health scare - think chronic pain and a brain MRI - I decided to hit ESCAPE on an academic career and identity I'd invested 12 years in. It sucked for a while - but it also became one of the best decisions I ever made.


I'm no stranger to risk

Age 22, I packed up a suitcase and moved across the Atlantic to New York. I'd lived in Paris for a year when I was 20, and au-paired in Europe for six (!) kids when I was 18. But this was my biggest move yet. I knew nobody in NYC.


My childhood was surrounded by sheep

In Wales - where I'm from - there are 9 million sheep and 3 million people, so we're outnumbered 3 to 1. In the 1800s, my town also received a herd of wild goats from Queen Victoria. Today, the damn goats still roam the streets.


I don't think New Yorkers are *that* rude

Sure, I've seen people bawled out of bagel shops (think: Seinfeld and that Soup Nazi episode). But I also used to live in Paris. New York is a breeze compared to Paris.


Reader, I married him

Six months after I moved to NYC, I met a rather handsome friend of a friend at a happy hour. Six years, plus one law degree (him) and one PhD (me) later, we got married. Baby Abby arrived in 2019 to grow our number to three.


I'm a born teacher

As a kid, I'd line my teddies up and set them homework (#nerdalert!) At NYU, I won a big teaching award, lectured to hundreds of students, and was a Teaching Fellow who trained other instructors to teach BETTER. That love of teaching is part of why I adore coaching my private clients today :-)


I nearly lost my voice

Although I loved teaching, the more successful I became as a researcher - publishing prize-winning articles, speaking at big conferences, and guest-editing prestigious journals - the more the rigidity and competitiveness of academic institutions wore me down. I became drained and dissatisfied, and began to dread writing.


An online course gave me back my mojo

After parachuting out of academia in search of more freedom, I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School. It showed me that creative women all over the world were struggling to find their voices as entrepreneurs... and reminded me that I could use the power of my voice to help others amplify theirs. My entrepreneurial journey began - and I fell back in love with words.


I wanted a career where I could see lots of my daughter

"They're not little for long," everyone's said to me about my daughter - and they're right. I had Abby 10 months after I launched my business, and a month after hitting my first $10K month. Being a mum is awesome but HARD. Working from home in a business I love makes it easier. Baby or no baby, I work to empower other women to make similarly empowering life choices.


Women's voices have been hushed, muffled and marginalized for way too long...

Let's set yours free, so you can show up as your most fierce and inspiring self in a business that you feel passionate about! 



Take the 7-question quiz to find out how to attract MORE cash and clients by unlocking the most profitable characteristics of your messaging style!

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