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Sales Copy BOOM!

A live 90-minute workshop with Dr. Suzy Cater on how to make your sales copy and sales pages stand out from the crowd, connect with more perfect-fit clients, and bring in more CASH for your business! 

Claim your spot at the live workshop on Thursday June 24th, 3-4:30 PM (replay available!) by joining my monthly membership program, The Diamond Messaging Society, at the special Founders' rate of $66 / month!

(Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time if you change your mind, PLUS you'll be able to binge-watch previous workshops and trainings immediately!)

The Sales Copy BOOM workshop will BLOW YOUR MIND by showing you how to uplevel your words fast to draw in more soul-aligned clients, plus how to write your own sales copy in a way that feels sooooo much more easy and fun!

You'll walk away gloriously clued up about:

🔥 5 things you can do ASAP that will help your sales copy convert better, feel easier to create, and shift your energy around promoting your offers

🔥 The FOUR different sales page structures that basically NOBODY talks about, and how to choose the one that’s right for you and create it

🔥 The must-know reframe about sales copy and launch strategy that will get you feeling inspired to create MORE sales copy (because more sales copy ➡️ more sales!!! 🎉)

🔥 10 powerful mix-and-match sales page sections that you can add to optimize your existing sales pages or use to create new ones quickly from scratch

🔥 6 writing tips specifically for sales copy, that will make writing your copy go faster, feel more enjoyable, and ensure that the final version of your copy blows your audience’s minds (and - of course! - gets more of your readers buying from you!!!) 


Want more info about

The Diamond Messaging 


Basically, it's the membership program where women CEOs and creatives come to make magic with their words and to make BANK. 

It's designed to help you...

✨ Create and sell MORE soul-aligned offers, in the most fun and enjoyable way possible

✨ Get recognized as a thought leader and speak up full-throated 

✨ Design and implement your one-of-a-kind, client-attracting messaging approach

✨ Bring your most inspired, on-fire energy to the way you talk and communicate 

✨ Consistently share messaging that attracts the right dream clients

✨ Give voice to the truths that you know you're here in this world to speak up about

Join the Diamond Messaging Society at the special Founders' rate and receive:

- One live 90-minute workshop with Suzy every month, with time for Q&A at the end of each workshop

- Follow-up messaging resources (such as copy templates, prompts and / or swipe files) to accompany each workshop

Access to the most recent 3 months of workshop replays + resources for as long as you remain a member

- Live office hours with Suzy every other month (in May, July, September, November, January, and March)

- Exclusive discounts on other resources, trainings, and offers by Suzy

🥂 Jump aboard and join us at the special Founders' Rate (going away June 30!) 🥂

Monthly: $66 per month
 $595 per year (25% discount)

(Been wanting access to my magic at a gorgeously accessible price point? Then YASSSSSS this is the no-brainer package you've been waiting for, love!)

Praise from my 1:1 clients:

"In my first month of working with Suzy, I sold nearly a quarter of a million dollars! Since then, I’ve hit $80-90K cash months, raised my prices, restructured my team, and stopped spending hours of my day delivering offers I wasn’t excited about. I’ve also claimed my own MAGIC. Suzy saw possibilities in me that I hadn’t dared claim yet. Our work together helped me embrace all of who I am AND call in my next level!"


Business Coach + Human Design and Gene Keys expert

Damaly Shepherd

"Suzy is magical to work with and absolutely worth the investment! Working with her was amazing — I felt like she truly understood me and my business. Not only did she give me messaging that now helps me regularly close paid-in-full 4-figure packages (which has made getting on sales calls a breeze!), but she saw what I was stepping into and helped me claim it, in language that truly lands with people I absolutely love working with."


Brand Portrait Photographer

Dr. Valerie Rein

"My work with Suzy helped me take off a straitjacket. After extensive academic trauma that got me to really stifle my voice, our work together helped me rekindle my relationship with language and with writing. Now, I look forward to writing again —  I have a blank page, and it's EXCITING for me. Plus, the more I use my authentic voice, the more amazing women I attract into my programs!"


Trauma Expert and Author of Patriarchy Stress Disorder

Jennifer Gluckow

Jennifer Gluckow, Global Sales Expert and author of Sales in a New York Minute

"Suzy's copy banked us multiple 5 figures in sales!"

"Suzy's knack for offering high-level messaging strategy, and her ability to identify powerful, relatable stories that deeply connect with your audience is incredible.

With her help, we banked multiple 5 figures in sales over a long weekend and skyrocketed our mailing list engagement!

Plus, thanks to her help with storytelling, I was ALSO able to rock one of the biggest onstage talks I’d ever delivered!"

2021 Workshop topics:

SPRING (Offer and Sales Focus)

✨ Claim Your North Star Offer (REPLAY AVAILABLE) 

We dived into how to speak more powerfully about the experience of working with you, and gave you some potent frameworks for talking magnetically about the MAGIC of your offers, to help you draw in more perfect-fit clients to your packages.

✨ Soul'ed Out Selling (REPLAY AVAILABLE)

We covered (100% non-icky!) selling approaches to suit different personalities, and gave you a range of options for writing social media posts that bring in more sales quickly, get great engagement, feel good, and set you apart as a thought leader. 

✨ June: Sales Copy BOOM! (Upcoming!!!!!) 

I'll walk you through when sales pages matter most and when something simpler can actually work better, discuss what always needs to be said (and what doesn't!), and show you my favorite upgrades and tweaks for increasing conversions ASAP.

SUMMER (Thought Leader Focus)

✨ July: Next-level Leadership Message 

YOU'RE the personality behind your personal brand, so we'll go deep on taking the way you share about your soul gifts, mission and story to the next level, so you can magnetize the right people and make your brand unforgettable.

✨ August: Selling on Livestream 

I'll show you how to use livestreams to speak straight from the heart, in a way that deeply connects with your audience, saves you tons of time, and grows your sales (plus how to feel safe doing them even if you're camera-shy!)

✨ SeptemberRockstar Confident Visibility 

We'll be talking about the contractions that can come up for personal brands, and how to handle them so you maintain the energy you need to keep speaking up, attracting soulmate clients, and growing your brand and income.

FALL (Expansion Focus)

✨ October: Launching Made FUN 

Does what it says on the tin! We'll be workshopping an offer and the whole messaging and outreach strategy around it so that you can promote it over the holiday season, Black Friday etc. to bring in a bonus boost to your income. 

✨ NovemberContent on Autopilot 

Everyone wants more unplugged vacations, right?! We'll talk how to show up authentically without burning out, how to effectively repurpose content, and how to create messaging inspiration resources so you have fresh ideas on tap for creating powerful posts and emails that nurture your audience.

✨ December: More Peeps, More Sales 

We'll be talking growing your audience, deepening your connection with them, where to find more of the right people, plus the best journey to take them on in order for them to become buyers / clients.

January - March (focus TBD)

🥂 Jump aboard and join us at the special Founders' Rate (going away June 30!) 🥂

Monthly: $66 per month
 $595 per year (25% discount)

(Ready to take your messaging to its next rock star level? Then hello sailor, let's DO THIS!)

Praise from other workshop attendees before you:

Karen Kuchel

"My feeling that I had to be 'professional' was kinda throttling everything that feels real and interesting about my work. Now, I feel so much more positive and on track and like I have permission to be myself.

For the first time ever, I see how I could talk about my work in a way that’s compelling and feels true to me. I'm so happy I attended!"


Lighting Designer and Artist

Mimi Zhou

"The workshop focused on selling, which should be the most important thing in a business but which is often all too easy to put aside when you're trying to 'give value' (which is dangerous)! 

Now I feel that I can more confidently write in a way that books me sales calls, and I also got a lot of insight into key business decisions and strategies. Thank you, Suzy!"



Carlene Gunsior

"Before, I felt confused and unsure with my messaging. So the thing that I enjoyed most about the workshops was that Suzy got us to focus on the heart of the matter, on what's truly important. 

I also looooove the follow-up exercises she gave us to pull out what we really need to know. They feel purposeful and focused - I'm so glad I did this!"


Founder of Calculating Grace

Angela Mastandrea

Angela Mastandrea, Creative Operations Consultant


"Where do I start? Suzy is a master at what she does! With her expert listening and observation skills, she was able to quickly and intuitively “get me”.

She was able to hear what I said -- and what I didn’t say but needed to. Suzy helped me name and claim my value and what I deliver for my clients in a way that sounds and feels like ME (but better, lol!)

Our work together brought clarity to the messages that I want to communicate even beyond the written word. It helped reinforce my value and opened my eyes wide to the power of owning and expressing WHO I am and WHY I do what I do. I now feel confident that I have a foundation of work and new skills to leverage as I build and grow my business. THANK YOU, Suzy!"

You should know -- this is a membership program for women who want to grow their businesses from a place of fun, inspiration, and ADVENTURE!

'Cuz I'm not here to tell you that you’re doing stuff wrong, hand you one-size-fits-all formulas, or try to “fix” you and your messaging. (Ermmmmmm did someone say you were "broken"?!?!?! 🤨)

Instead, I'm gonna...

>>>  Open your eyes to the trailblazing next-level stuff you might not be aware of or be seeing yet (some of this has surprised even my 7- or 8-figure clients!)

>>>  Give you meditations + activations that help you step into and embody the thought leader you want to show up as

>>>  Walk you through an exquisite RANGE of options to curate your own unique client-attracting messaging strategy

>>>  Provide you with laser-focused trainings and resources that accelerate your growth and save you (and your team) a ton of time

>>>  Help you make more money by designing and promoting your offers in a way that ditches all the "shoulds" and feels 100% in alignment and true to YOU

Ready to give voice to the message burning a fire in your heart...?

Hi, I'm Dr. Suzy Cater - word sorceress, Ph.D. (with Honors, baby!), toddler mum, writer, and British chippie living just outside NYC.

I'll reconnect you with the magic of what you and your voice are capable of, so you can step into the power of who you really are and what you're truly meant to do in this world.

I'm here to get your inner fire blazing and touching the souls of more people. 

And to help you take your brand's vision, voice and offers to their next brilliant levels of WEALTH, PURPOSE, and POSSIBILITY.

Suzy Cater


... get more creative women speaking from their souls and using their businesses to do incredible things in the world, without trying to fit themselves into boxes, people-please, play it safe, or waste time on one-size-fits-all strategies that don't actually work or feel good

I'm an expert in... 

... helping women leaders create incredibly successful, magnetic personal brands that are founded on inspiration and integrity, and helping them design and promote offers which sell beautifully  and totally light them up 🔥


Weeeell, there's the degree from Oxford University, the Ph.D. from NYU, the years of (award-winning!) teaching, the decade of prizewinning literary research, and my background as a conversion copywriter - with millions of dollars sold with my words - that all help me see what many other experts won't when it comes to your messaging, but...

my real gift is THIS:

I'll partner with you to help you step into your most on-fire, badass self, and claim what it is that you're really here to say and do, so you can elevate everything about how you communicate in your biz and create more wealth and impact by speaking words that pour straight from your soul!

Want to get in on the party?

🥂 Jump aboard and join us at the special Founders' Rate (going away June 30!) 🥂

Monthly: $66 per month
 $595 per year (25% discount)

(This is your invite to the party - wanna come have fun with us?! 😎)

Praise from other workshop attendees before you:

Swapna Patel

"Suzy's workshops were laser-focused and action-oriented! I feel more confident in my messaging now than ever before, have a clear action plan and vision, and can't wait to implement everything I learned!"


Personal Style Expert

Juli Isola

"Before the workshops, I honestly didn't know what to say about what I did. Afterward, I rewrote my website in 3 days! Best money I have ever spent for my business besides purchasing my camera!"



Caitlin Teixeira

"Suzy kicks butt - I loved seeing her whip through attendee Q's and deliver insightful A's in record time! I'd been banging my head against a wall with my messaging, but this workshop helped break the cycle!"


Business Coach

Get your F.A.Q.s answered, darling...

What exactly happens during and after the live workshops?

How does access to the workshop replays work?

Can I submit questions for the bimonthly office hours even if I can’t attend live?

How do I cancel / change my membership?

Remind me of when the workshops are and what topics they'll be on?

Who exactly are these workshops for?

I’ve taken so many courses and trainings on copy and messaging before. How will this one be different?

More praise from my 1:1 clients:

Edie Moore

"Suzy really opened my eyes to the many possibilities of showcasing my expertise! Soon after our work together, I used the messaging that she and I had discussed in an informal call with a potential client, and the client immediately wanted to work with me. Anyone wanting to revamp their messaging, and experience quick results from it, should look no further than Suzy!"


Learning Design Expert

Jayaleigh Bowen

"Suzy was able to translate not only what I do, but also who I am and what I stand for, so I can draw in the people I am meant to serve on a high level. She's more than just a messaging expert - she's an empath and channel who can feel into your soul's true essence and mission. I feel confident now that I don't need to "try so hard" to get my message across... I can't recommend this divine beautiful expert enough!"


Master Channel and Soul Coach

Emma Tynan

"After spending time in Suzy's energy your words will sound like fire, like who you really were before the world told you to be 'quiet and nice'. Once you work with her, you’ll have words and language that powerfully activate the souls of your dream clients and just CLICK. You’ll have words that have resonance and sell your offerings and convert in seconds. In a sentence... Suzy is magic! Work with her now!"


Business Coach

Join the Diamond Messaging Society at the special Founders' rate and receive:

- One live 90-minute workshop with Suzy every month, with time for Q&A at the end of each workshop

- Follow-up messaging resources (such as copy templates, prompts and / or swipe files) to accompany each workshop

Access to the most recent 3 months of workshop replays + resources for as long as you remain a member

- Live office hours with Suzy every other month (in May, July, September, November, January, and March)

- Exclusive discounts on other resources, trainings, and offers by Suzy

🥂 Jump aboard and join us at the special Founders' Rate (going away June 30!) 🥂

Monthly: $66 per month
 $595 per year (25% discount)

(No, it's NOT too good to be true, and YES, this will be totally amaze-balls!)

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