Ask Me Anything Call

with Dr. Suzy Cater

Get 1:1 support to help take your business to its next trailblazing level of power, profitability and magic


Ask Me Anything Call

with Dr. Suzy Cater

Get 1:1 support to help take your business to its next trailblazing level of power, profitability and magic

Sometimes you need 1:1 support in your business. This is where you can get that.

Whether you're looking for...

... expert 1:1 feedback to elevate your messaging, copy, or offers, so they create more sales and impact...

... a blend of strategy and inner work to unlock your next level of connection with your soul gifts and voice... 

... an intuitive energy reading about where your business is at and where it would be most fun and profitable to take it next...

... this is the flexible container where you can receive exactly what you need in a personal 1:1 session, available only to Diamond Messaging Society Members and at an exclusive member discount. 

Here's how this will go down...

Your 75-minute 1:1 session is 100% unique and customizable.

You'll receive a recording of it to keep and rewatch, plus a Google Doc with my detailed notes on the powerful language and ideas I draw out of you during our session. 

If you desire, your call can also include a channeled energy reading where we'll dive into your soul gifts and Thought Leader Message™.

After one session with me, here's what they said...

Edie Moore

"Suzy really opened my eyes to the many possibilities of showcasing my expertise! Soon after our session together, I used the messaging that she and I had discussed in an informal call with a potential client, and the client immediately wanted to work with me. Anyone wanting to revamp their messaging, and experience quick results from it, should look no further than Suzy!"


Learning Design Expert

Jayaleigh Bowen

"Suzy was able to translate not only what I do, but also who I am and what I stand for, so I can draw in the people I am meant to serve on a high level. She's more than just a messaging expert - she's an empath and channel who can feel into your soul's true essence and mission. I feel confident now that I don't need to "try so hard" to get my message across... I can't recommend this divine beautiful expert enough!"


Master Channel and Soul Coach

Nicole Muller

"Suzy brought clarity and structure into my brain and my messaging, and left me feeling so much clearer, more at ease and super in alignment with what I do and offer. In sales calls, I can articulate so much better who I am and what I do -- and that showed, because I signed up two new coaching clients within a week after just one session with her! Working with her has truly been one of the best steps in growing my coaching business!


Musician and Coach

Jennifer Pielak

Jennifer Pielak, Creative Coach and Actor

"Suzy really has a special gift — everything is flowing so much easier now!"

I WAS TOTALLY STUCK in “rumination hell” and extremely frustrated about my core messaging before working with Suzy. I was trying to refine one of my offers and I kept finding myself writing and writing and going around in circles. Finally, I realized that I actually hadn't clarified my core messaging — who I am, my story, what I'm about, what I stand for, the transformation I want for my clients.

I found Suzy on Instagram and was instantly attracted to her words. She is so down to earth and a very similar personality to me — highly sensitive, big heart, intelligent, high-achiever, creative, fun and genuine — and really understands the unique challenges women entrepreneurs and creatives face in showing up and expressing their voices. She listens so well and creates a safe space for this work - which is really needed!

I loved how thorough she was in really getting a sense of me and my business on a deep level during our call. I also loved her personable approach, we had a lot of laughs during our session together.

Her outside, expert eyes are fine-tuned to pulling out what makes YOU and what you have to offer really shine through. Suzy challenged me to be braver, and I really appreciated that. At the end, it was super awe-inspiring watching her write up a Messaging Anchoring Statement for me. She really has a special gift. I felt this huge wave of calm come over me, along with a powerful feeling — like, "YES. THIS is it. This is who I am in my business and what my business is about."

I feel like everything is flowing so much easier now that I've got everything defined. I feel more confident, clear, and brave and when I sit down to write a newsletter or Instagram post — the words just come. There is just more momentum and actual movement forward now. No more (metaphorical) ramming my head against a wall. I feel like I have a little Suzy in my head cheering me on and giving me the extra boost I need whenever I write copy and express my voice. Quite honestly, I'm so dang excited about my business and upcoming launch!!!

Suzy didn't just help me with my copy — she helped me investigate my sense of self-worth in my business. She also helped me see that I wasn't sharing my own stories and experience — that I was dimming my light. I am grateful that she helped me see this and gave me the safe space to talk this through as well. I've learned that whatever is going on on the inside WILL show up in your copy. And one of the best ways to unblock yourself and set yourself free and move to your next level is to work with another heart-centred human being who can help you see what you aren't seeing. It's GOLD.

Now, Suzy continues to inspire me. She is magical and down-to-earth at the same time, and here to lift us all up and to help us do the best work we can do — so we can make money and feel freedom and help make a positive impact on the world. You are in the BEST hands with her. If your gut is saying you should work with her, or you've suddenly stumbled on her work — it's definitely the universe telling you to go for it.