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Three Live Group Workshops with personal support from Suzy

(This experience is designed for people who want to get their upgraded copy written with even more ease and from a super inspired place!)

The mastermind Upgrade Includes...

Create Your Compelling Client Desire Message Workshop

@ 3-4PM Eastern on Wednesday, May 3, 2023

When it comes to describing the true impact of their work, soooo many entrepreneurs struggle to articulate the benefits of what they do in a way that doesn’t sound vague, salesy, or kinda the same as everyone else in their industry…

That’s what this workshop will help you change, by showing you how to speak much more effectively to the people you most want to work with, so you can craft potent messaging and copy that will truly resonate with THEM.

You can wave goodbye to unethical, pain-point-heavy copy (which also often attracts the wrong clients) and get ready to be able to confidently — and succinctly — express exactly why your work is so special and incredible.

Infuse Your Copy With Emotion And Personality Workshop

@ 3-4PM Eastern on Thursday, May 4, 2023

Just how personal should you get in your copy, and how much do you really need to reveal about yourself and your life in order to successfully sell as a personal brand?

--> These are MAJOR questions that so many online entrepreneurs have about their messaging and copy — and ones that you’ll be able to move past and finally put behind you after this workshop!

Because — spoiler alert — you do NOT have to disclose more about your personal life than you feel comfortable with in your copy and marketing.

Instead, this workshop will teach you highly effective ways to pour plenty of personality and emotion into your words, so that you still build deep, genuine connection with your readers, but without ever revealing more than you want to.

Perfect Your Tagline And Clarifying Statement Workshop

@ 3-4PM Eastern on Monday, May 8, 2023

After you've absorbed all the great insights from the bootcamp, the third and final VIP workshop will give you the chance to finish up and perfect the tagline for your home page and/or sales pages.

You’ll also walk away with a powerful and crisp clarifying statement, designed to immediately hook in aligned potential clients and reduce confusion and ambiguity on your site (these are such common reasons for website copy not converting optimally!)

Finally, we’ll discuss ideas for the “hook section” of your home page and how to best transition from your tagline to talking in more detail about yourself and your work, in an engaging and intriguing way that doesn't lose your readers!

All calls will take place on Zoom, and incorporate a mixture of 1:1 hot seats with Suzy, breakout mastermind sessions, and time for actual writing, using prompts from Suzy. 

Same-day call replays will be available, and accessible in a private member’s portal for 30 days after the bootcamp ends.

To recap, when you upgrade to the VIP Mastermind Experience, you get:

Create Your Compelling Client Desire Message Live Workshop (at 3PM ET on Wed, May 3)

Infuse Your Copy With Emotion And Personality Live Workshop (at 3PM ET on Thurs, May 4)

Perfect Your Tagline And Clarifying Statement Live Workshop (at 3PM ET on Mon, May 8)

All call replays available for 30 days after the bootcamp ends

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I was feeling like there was something left unsaid in my messaging... and in literally 10 minutes, Suzy had found THE THING. She gave me amazing, really unique ideas for how to talk about it. And that thing is seriously why people hire me! I’m so excited to weave this into my messaging more!


FEMME business mentor

Edie Moore

Soon after my call with Suzy, I used the messaging that we'd come up with in an informal call with a potential client, and the client immediately wanted to work with me. Anyone wanting to revamp their business messaging, and experience quick results from it, should look no further than Suzy!



Experiencing Suzy's trainings has been so helpful in connecting to and trusting my own voice. She is an incredible coach: gentle, encouraging and intuitive. I've found the calls with her inspiring and so helpful in really identifying what I wanted to say. She really is powerful! 



Want personal feedback and live coaching from Suzy in three intimate group calls that will make copywriting feel more fun, intuitive, and simple than you could ever have imagined?

(Regular Price: $147)

*Please note: this is a one-time special offer and you will not be able to purchase this upgrade at this price again

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