Find out how to create potent, true-to-you web copy that sells people 24/7 on your brilliance

Inside Web Copy That Converts 

The raved-about, on-demand bootcamp for entrepreneurs who want unforgettable web copy working round the clock to attract more dream clients and sales

"The 1:1 feedback aspect of this bootcamp is priceless!"

Mai-kee Tsang, Sustainable Visibility® & Podcast Guesting Strategist

"As an ex-copywriter I had pretty strong foundations when I signed up for Suzy's bootcamp, but it's hard to know what to focus on when you're so close to your own work.

Suzy really helped me hone in on why I'm uniquely credible in my line of work, and I LOVE the unexpected spiciness in my copy that came out in the end! It felt like my truth came out in my words.

If you don't know where to start with writing your web copy, or you already know a lot but just can't focus your skillset - consider receiving Suzy's guidance. The 1:1 feedback aspect of the bootcamp is priceless!"

"I'm so pleased with the final draft we came up with!"

Natasha Maddock, Lawyer & Co-founder of Events Made Simple

"I’d dabbled in copywriting before Suzy's bootcamp, but I felt there was more to learn and I really wanted to ensure my website was converting and that I was connecting with our ideal customer.

Now I feel much more confident writing the copy for our website!

I’ve been able to implement so many of the tips and techniques Suzy taught me already, and have plenty of ideas of additional changes I can make.

Getting feedback from Suzy directly was incredible, and I’m so pleased with the final draft we came up with together.

If you're thinking of signing up to the Bootcamp, absolutely join!

You'll get such great value from the actionable content and practical advice that Suzy shares. It’s well worth the investment!"

*Bootcamp price: 1 x payment of $147 or 3 x monthly payments of $50

Suzy Cater

Hey there, friend! Let's get right to the point:

Despite all the shifts in the online business world, there’s one thing nobody’s arguing with...

A compelling website is a HUGE marketing asset for every business owner serious about growing their impact and income (and building their legacy!) without burnout.


The problem is, too many of us also think things like...

→ "Writing new web copy will be a nightmare and take forever!"

→ "I'm not sure what to say, so I'll just keep putting this off..."

→ "I know that my website copy's important, but sooooo many other things need my attention! This can wait a while..."

(Do these sound familiar? Well... in the words of Taylor Swift, I've been there too, a few times!)

And as a result, too darn many of us fall down a 

swirling WEBSITE BLACK hole (OOPS!)

Where weird stuff happens, and somehow, before we know it...

  • Months (or even years!) have gone by since we said that we'd update our copy, and still practically nothing has happened with it (oops again!) 

  • We feel awkward about sharing our site when people ask for the link or we need to send potential clients to it ("ohhhh I'm sorry, it's really out of date!")

  • We end up hustling harder on social media than we should be, because our website doesn't support us by effectively selling our offers 

  • We see other people land clients and cool visibility features because of their great web copy... and we think "why the heck isn't that happening to me too?!"

(Ummm are you like "That's me! That's me! That's me!" right now? Then keep reading for the lowdown on a better option...!)

Yoohoo! Hey again!

I'm Dr. Suzy Cater.

I'm a long-time expert in conversion copywriting and messaging, and since 2017, I've helped hundreds of business owners from all over the world use the power of their words to sell more of their offers with dignity and integrity.

I also have a background as a prize-winning former academic and teacher, have appeared on numerous podcasts, and have written and consulted for startups, national franchises, international charities, and leading EdTech companies, as well as New York Times bestselling authors.

But most of all?

I love helping cool-cat entrepreneurs like YOU pour the beating heart of their brands into unforgettable copy that sells!

Suzy Cater

"This Bootcamp will change how you think about your copy forever!"

Amy Nicola Biondini, Master Energy Healer for Women in Business

"When I signed up for the bootcamp, my web copy felt like I was throwing things out there with no actual idea of what I was doing!

But during the bootcamp, I redid my entire home page - taking it from a photo and a brief statement to a long page that's packed with power! 

Plus, I wrote a services brochure and offers page that actually makes me smile and nod my head when I read it. AND I created a brand-new lead magnet, and reformatted 2 old ones to better fit my brand!

I especially ADORED the 1:1 Voxer time with Suzy: she really helped me edit my copy even further so it was more potent.

You don't know how much you need this Bootcamp - put in the work and it will change how you think about your copy forever!"

"Suzy's bootcamp teaches you how to write from the soul!"

Beth Vendryes Williams, Artist and Painter

"Before the Bootcamp, I thought of copywriting as a somewhat shady way of manipulating information to sell my work… like an ad that made people feel like they had to buy from me.

But Suzy's bootcamp teaches you how to write from the soul (even if you think your inner voice has nothing to say)!

Now, I'm much more open to sharing written words about my process as an artist, as well as my raison d’être for spending my life and energies on painting.

The Bootcamp was chock-full of great ways of modeling for me... I have even begun to see writing copy as simply an extension of my art!"


Web Copy that CONVERTS

The on-demand Bootcamp for entrepreneurs who want to whip more magic into their web copy, so that it brings them in MORE aligned leads and sales on autopilot

Suzy Cater

Drum roll! Here’s the really juicy stuff! 

(Aka everything you get when you sign up...)

Suzy Cater


How to hook your soulmate clients right away (and seriously lower your bounce rates!)

I created this training because I've spoken to too many entrepreneurs who've told me: "I send people to my website all the time - and it doesn't result in new clients!"

That's why the first step of the experience is about waving goodbye to fluffy, ineffective web copy that doesn't actually DO anything. 

Instead, we'll figure out the unique-to-you Big Sexy Promise that'll underpin all your web copy, to make sure that your words immediately draw in the people you actually want to work with (and who are willing and ready to invest!)

Training #1 will also lay the building blocks for you to come up with a swoonworthy tagline and help you ensure your home page is super duper CLEAR (so your soulmate clients know they're in exactly the right place, and stick around and keep reading!)

Suzy Cater


How to (ethically) get your readers to take the money-making actions YOU want 

Next, this is where we get ruthlessly focused — focused on ensuring that your website actually makes you MONEY!

Because we definitely do not want copy that sounds nice or fun but doesn't do a damn thing to strategically further your business goals.

Instead, we'll set you up so that you know how to optimize your copy to get more sign ups for your list, sales calls on your calendar, purchases of your digital product… basically, whatever goal you want!

And DON'T WORRY — I won't be teaching you sleaziness, pushiness, or ick bro marketing tactics in order to do this.

The strategies I'll teach you here are 100% ethical and will also be super empowering for you any time that you write copy in the future.

Suzy Cater


How to write profit-generating web copy faster and more easily

Ready to dive into the REAL reason why you get overwhelmed or stuck when it comes to creating your copy? (And also: to finally blaze past it and write words that are truly effective...?) 

Then yay! Because in our third training, I’ll teach you proven techniques for overcoming the most common issues that keep entrepreneurs stuck hitting delete or staring at a blank screen instead of actually writing.

You’ll also learn my best tips for creating high-converting web copy FASTER — so you can get your upgraded site written, published, and making you more money, stat.

Plus, you’ll walk away from the session with your web copy game plan all mapped out, so that you can move forward, take action on this, and actually GET IT WRITTEN AND DONE.

Suzy Cater


How To Channel Your Thought Leader Message Into Your Copy 

And last but definitely not least... if you're looking for some kind of secret sauce that will set you and your message apart from everyone else in your niche: THIS IS IT.

Fair warning - this isn't something you'll get from strategizing or by simply pulling a random idea from the top of your head.

Instead, we'll connect you to your body and subconscious in a powerful, chakra-clearing meditation that will help illuminate for you the thought leader message that you want to share with more people.

(You don't have to currently see yourself as a thought leader in order to get inspired and experience benefits from this meditation. But the goal is for you to walk away from it ready to claim the power of your voice MORE and pour that conviction into all of your copy!)

*Bootcamp price: 1 x payment of $147 or 3 x monthly payments of $50

Oh! And I'm throwing in these epic bonuses too!

Suzy Cater

BONUS 1: Live 1:1 Accountability Day

Get personal feedback on your copy and homework action tasks

Did someone say "hold me accountable, would ya?!"

Well, I heard you! Because as a former award-winning teacher, I know that 1:1 feedback and accountability are KEY both for motivation and for putting you in the best possible position to go ahead, take action, and actually upgrade your copy!

That's why ALL bootcamp course buyers can book in for a live Accountability day with me on Voxer (a free text and voice messaging app that you download to your phone) to ask me any questions they have about the trainings and to get my feedback on their bootcamp homework tasks, within 6 months of them purchasing the bootcamp.

People usually pay hundreds of dollars an hour to get access to my insights on their copy, so this bonus alone is worth the entire price of the program!

Web Copy That Converts

BONUS 2: Mindset Training

Overcome the most common hurdles that prevent people from playing full out in their web copy

Listen: I'm a former professor who used to teach writing at university level, and I've also personally mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs on their copy and messaging.

And if there's one thing I know about writing, it's that your inner game matters.

This bonus training will guide you through some of the biggest mindset hurdles that business owners struggle with when writing their own copy, so you can sidestep your inner saboteur and not get waylaid or discouraged.

This training has given soooooo many entrepreneurs so many a-ha moments that I knew I had to include it in the bootcamp - watch it to see what messaging breakthroughs it sparks for you!

Epic Copy Bundle

BONUS 3: The Epic Copy Bundle

Feel confident that your copy is speaking to the right people with the right messaging

The Epic Copy Bundle includes THREE seriously focused, high-impact copywriting resources: The Benefits That Blow Them Away Cheatsheet, 60 Copywriting Power Words, and my High-Converting Copy Editing Checklist.

After you've worked through them, you'll have soooo much more clarity around how to effectively speak to your ideal client's desires and avoid drawing in misaligned customers with your words. Plus, this ready-to-use toolkit will seriously cut down the amount of time you spend drafting and editing your copy!

WCTC private podcast

BONUS 4: Private podcast + transcripts of all trainings

Listen to the (time-stamped) trainings on the go on your phone, or read through the transcripts

Full disclosure: personally, I'm someone who hardly ever watches replays and who very rarely logs into membership portals....

That's why it's a GAMECHANGER for me to be able to listen to courses - often on 1.5 speed! - on the podcast app on my cellphone, as I take walks, drive places, and sit and wait for my kids to finish napping in random locations (lol). 

I'm also a super fast reader who REALLY appreciates receiving transcripts that I can skim through quickly... which is why I'm making all of the (time-stamped) video trainings also available to you in podcast and written format!

BONUS 5: Web Copy Game Plan Blueprint

Walk away with crystal-clear next steps in place

Ever sat down to write your web copy and then been like, “where do I even start?!” Well, say goodbye to that pesky confusion — I’ve got you covered!

The bootcamp will walk you through every single step of filling out this laser-focused blueprint, so that when you finish up, you're totally clear on what you need to do and prioritize next.

Once you've completed the blueprint (which you'll also be able to receive my 1:1 feedback on during your bonus Live Accountability Day), you’ll have a 100% manageable game plan in place for whipping up the next-level copy you want, and for doing so in the way which best serves your business and profit goals!

*Bootcamp price: 1 x payment of $147 or 3 x monthly payments of $50

"Suzy's openness about the intuitive aspect of this work is wonderful and needed!"

Dr. Chara Armon, Professor and Thought Leader

"Before joining the Bootcamp, I knew that I could write good copy, but felt that it wasn't always focused or courageous enough.

I was also intrigued by Suzy's work and couldn't pass up such an affordable opportunity to experience it!

Throughout the Bootcamp, I appreciated Suzy's focus on passion and clarity in copywriting. Plus, her openness about the spiritual, intuitive aspect of this work is wonderful and needed. 

The way she really sees her clients and their work feels very supportive, and I'm now feeling a lot more confident about my message and its validity! 

I recommend the bootcamp to anyone seeking support with identifying and expressing the deepest parts of their messages and offerings!"

"Suzy gives SO MUCH value in this bootcamp!"

Brooke Adams Law, Author, Publisher and Writing Coach

"For about three years, I was so embarrassed about my website that I never linked to it. Ever.

The copy was so outdated that I felt ashamed every time I thought about it. And I didn't fix it for years.

That all changed when I took Suzy's Web Copy Bootcamp, and ended up completely redoing my website afterward!

Suzy is famous for combining her mastery of conversion copy with intuitive, energetic magic, and she gives SO MUCH value in the bootcamp!

If you aren't completely in love with your website, you need this bootcamp!"

Suzy Cater

Here's something else I really want you to know:

If you've ever wished that someone would just tell you exactly what goes into creating soulful, high-converting website copy, WITHOUT you having to drop thousands of dollars on a copywriter (and still walk away unsure how to do it yourself)...

I hear you, and that’s totally why I created this bootcamp!

I blend words, strategy, and soul in zero-fluff trainings (which you can binge-watch in an afternoon) that show you how to create incredibly impactful copy — copy which doesn’t just sound great, but that ALSO actually moves the needle for your business profits!

Because I believe that more hard-working business owners deserve to empower themselves by knowing how to create website copy that genuinely makes them more sales AND that captures their brilliance. 

If you’re ready to trade in the guesswork and procrastination for compelling, true-to-you words that seriously make your life a WHOLE LOT EASIER… this is for you!

Want more convincing? Here are 4 great reasons why you wanna know how to write soulful web copy that converts!


It's like pouring the power of conversion sales copy into YOUR ENTIRE WEBSITE

Think: total strangers booking sales calls — where they sign on for your offers and even quote your copy back to you saying how much they loved it — after just one website visit. (This happens OFTEN to my clients!)


Your business will feel like it has a rock-solid foundation

Because you'll finally have an online home that distills the heart of your brand into concise, compelling words you're proud of, and which light up your inspiration each time you read them. (YAY!)


It opens doors to a huge range of possibilities

Seriously - not only will the right web copy help you sign up more leads and clients, but you’ll also likely field more swoonworthy podcast and guest speaker requests, which expand the reach and impact of your brand without so much efforting.


It'll save you SO MUCH time

No more repeating yourself in every sales call or social media post — everything your people need to know about your work will be right there, and it’ll also repel the wrong people, so you don’t waste time on calls with prospects who aren't a good fit!

Ready to discover how to whip up next-level words (that you're genuinely proud to share and show off!) in the Web Copy That Converts Bootcamp?

*Bootcamp price: 1 x payment of $147 or 3 x monthly payments of $50

Suzy Cater

Got Q's? I've got answers!

Who’s a good fit for this program?

This program is perfect if you're a creative, coach, service provider, or other entrepreneur, and are looking to use your web copy to help you grow your online business without working so much.

If you currently have a website, business, and audience, but your site isn’t doing quite as good a job as you’d like of bringing you clients, leads, and sales, this bootcamp is especially perfect.

If you don’t yet have a website, you can also benefit hugely from the teachings in the bootcamp to set your website copy up strong from the outset. That said, I do recommend that you already have a pretty clear idea of your niche and target customer in order to get maximum benefit from it.

How will I get access to the Bootcamp?

All of the trainings and bonuses are available in the private online course portal, which you'll get access to immediately after you purchase the bootcamp.

All of the (time-stamped) video trainings are also available as written transcripts and downloadable slides.

Plus, there's a private podcast available, with audio versions of all of the trainings that you can subscribe to for free and listen to in the regular podcast app on your phone. (Perfect for on-the-go listening!)

Finally, your bonus Live Accountability day will take place on Voxer (a text and voice messaging app that you can download for free on your cellphone - look it up in your phone's app store!) You'll receive details on how exactly to sign up for this via email, after you purchase the bootcamp.

How much time will I need to set aside to work through the bootcamp?

Each of the four trainings lasts around 40-45 minutes and the short accompanying action tasks should take around 10-20 minutes to complete.

You'll also be able to read transcripts of the trainings and/or listen to them on the podcast app on your phone (at 1.5 speed if you like!)

You can definitely binge-watch or listen to everything in less than a day, if you want to move quickly.

However, if you'd prefer to give yourself a little more time to let your ideas marinade in between trainings, then I generally recommend going through everything over the course of about 7-8 days

And don't forget to book in for your live 1:1 Accountability Day within 6 months of purchasing the bootcamp!

How much of a difference can great web copy make?

After working with me, many of my clients have seen dramatic increases in their opt-in sign ups, sales call bookings, and client numbers.

Many of my clients have also had people specifically mention how compelling their copy was on sales calls, and have found themselves easily selling packages to cold leads who'd only just encountered their work and website.

This is also the copywriting process that I have used personally to grow my business to 6+ figures, even with small children and very limited working hours.

How is this different from your bigger Web Copy Magic program?

The Web Copy Bootcamp is an amazing crash course in everything it takes to create web copy that actually converts, and will help you put together some draft copy and a powerful website copy game plan for yourself.

Many, many business owners have redone their entire website just from using the bootcamp teachings!

For those who want more personal support, though, 
my bigger Web Copy Magic program gives you a year of 1:1 copy feedback from me, as well as ALL the resources you might need as you move forward and implement your game plan, and as your website and business continue to evolve.

Specifically, in Web Copy Magic, you get 1:1 feedback from me on up to two pieces of website copy per month, along with all the templates, detailed trainings, writing prompts, and tons of inspiring copy examples you might need to further build out your website.

Not sure which program is right for you?

When you purchase the Web Copy That Converts Bootcamp, you'll automatically get emailed a coupon that allows you to put the cost of what you paid for it towards the price of Web Copy Magic in the future, in case you want to upgrade to that program at a later date.

Run me through everything that's included in the Web Copy Bootcamp again?

Sure thing!

My on-demand Web Copy Bootcamp gives you immediate access to...

TRAINING 1: How to hook your soulmate clients right away (and seriously lower your bounce rates!) 

TRAINING 2: How to (ethically) get your readers to take the money-making actions YOU want 

TRAINING 3: How to write profit-generating web copy faster and more easily

TRAINING 4: How to channel your thought leader message into your copy 

BONUS 1: Live 1:1 Accountability Day with Suzy (to be scheduled within 6 months of Bootcamp purchase) - this bonus ALONE is worth the price of the program!

BONUS 2: Mindset Training

BONUS 3: Epic Copy Bundle

BONUS 4: Private Podcast Access and Transcripts

BONUS 5: Web Copy Game Plan Blueprint

Suzy Cater

Your showstopper web copy is waiting!

I want you to walk away from this bootcamp with proven copywriting strategies in your back pocket, that you can use again and again to attract more clients with less effort.

I DON'T want you to
 need to keep guessing what to do with your copy in order to have words that genuinely convert on your website!

And finally, I want you to be able to market your business less, if you choose to, because your web copy is doing MORE of the hard work of selling for you.

I’m seriously SO excited to share this knowledge with you, and to help you upgrade your copy to bring in more conversions with less effort.

Want to join us...?

What Past Attendees Say

Suzy's trainings are so good that I've bought tickets to some of them twice! I always come away with so many golden nuggets, and I love how the way she teaches is never overwhelming, but really simple and fun!

Martha Cristina Garza

Luxury Branding Strategist

Suzy is a rare gem and more of what the world needs right now - someone who can help empower other business owners through the power of words and connection. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very kind and encouraging, and is a UNICORN at copywriting!

Lynne Stukart

Sound Therapist and Musician’s Coach

Juli Isola

Before absorbing Suzy's insights about web copy, I honestly didn't know what to say about what I did. Afterward, I rewrote my website in 3 days! Best money I have ever spent for my business besides purchasing my camera!

Juli isola


"This really is a new, fresh, insightful, and different approach to copywriting!"

Dr. Andrea Moore, Creator of The Whole-Self Integration Method

"I was so frustrated, feeling like 'this shouldn't be so hard' and 'I should have figured this out by now', when I signed up for the Web Copy Bootcamp. I hadn't even looked at my own website for at least a year! 

Thankfully, the bootcamp gave me a lot of validation and it also made me realize that copywriting doesn't need to be super complicated either!

I walked away with some MAJOR ahas around my website goals and who I need to speak to in my copy. I also love the new phrasing that Suzy helped me come up with, which feels much more clear! 

If you've tried a million other copywriting programs and are worried this is the same old thing, know that this really is a new, fresh, insightful, and different approach to copywriting... and definitely sign up for it!"

Copy is a living, breathing thing, and Suzy brings out magic with it! Her trainings are a great way to work through your own words and also watch her in action with others: helping you better understand how to bring power, authenticity, and exciting copy to life in real time!



Ramona Freedman

Suzy is the most amazing mentor I have met, and her teachings are a true vortex for expansion! She'll help you get clear on what you stand for, embrace who you are, and have your business messaging and copy truly support you. Thank you so much, Suzy!

Ramona Freedman

Intuitive Business Coach

I’ve never felt good at writing copy, but Suzy's trainings have given me hope! She has a real knack for such a simple analysis of what people do and why — for the first time, I see how I could talk about my work in a way that’s compelling and feels true to me. I'm so happy! 



"I've updated my website and the difference is amazing!"

Paula Diaz, Professor and Writing Coach

"Before the Bootcamp, I felt good about my writing but had no idea of how to leverage it for copy OR what I could do with it that people would pay for.

The Bootcamp helped me clarify both! It was wonderful. I appreciated the personal feedback and felt like there was really a sincere conversation with Suzy (and not just a marketing conversation) during the event.

Plus, I'm now feeling much, much better about copywriting! I have gone through and updated a number of parts of my website based on what I learned in the Bootcamp and the difference is amazing!

The copy reads better, and I feel better about it. I would absolutely recommend this Bootcamp!"

*Bootcamp price: 1 x payment of $147 or 3 x monthly payments of $50

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