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Speak Your Dream Customer's Language

The Speak Your Dream Customer's Language Toolkit

Discover exactly how to quickly and effectively do voice of customer research in a way that helps your copy convert BETTER and also deeply connect with your audience.

You'll get tons of ideas for research strategies, sample questions to save you time, bonus suggestions for how to best leverage your research, and a place to conveniently organize all the language gold you discover in this highly actionable toolkit!

PRICE: $17

NB. This resource is also included as part of my Web Copy Magic program.


  • Tons of ideas for where exactly to do profitable voice-of-customer research, no matter the size of your existing audience or client base 
  • Twenty plug 'n' play research questions (that are proven to be effective) to save you time and encourage your ideal, paying clients to meaningfully open up to you about what they want
  • A handy place to store all the results of your research, so you walk away with a bank of powerful language that you can consult any time you write or edit copy
  • 5 specific ideas for ways to use your voice of customer research to improve the performance of your copy and content across the board, so you don't leave money on the table with your marketing


➡️ Will Speak Your Dream Customer's Language be helpful to me even if I don't yet have many customers / a big audience?  

Yes, definitely! It gives you multiple suggestions for ways to conduct highly effective voice of customer research whether or not you have a large audience yet.

It also includes numerous ideas (together with 20 plug 'n' play research questions) for setting up your website and other business assets to gather powerful language from your ideal customers moving forward, so that you keep your finger on the pulse in the future with your clients' evolving desires.  



After you purchase this product, you'll receive a secure link via email to the Speak Your Dream Customer's Language Google Doc.

You'll immediately be prompted to make a copy of it, so that you have your very own version of the resource.

You can edit this version and use it to organize all of the powerful language that you gather from your voice of customer research in one place. 

You can make as many copies as you like of the Google doc for your personal use!


Clear. concise. captivating.

That's the kind of copy that most business owners would love to have working in their favor and selling their offers 24/7 on their websites.

But wordiness, perfectionism, and jargon often get in the way of this.

The upshot? Your copy doesn't connect 100% as well as it could, and conversions and sales suffer as a result.

→ And THAT's where Speak Your Dream Customer's Language comes in.

Because instead of racking your brain for more impactful words to use in your marketing, you can leverage powerful voice of customer research strategies to create a bank of compelling language that you'll be able to draw on any time you write or edit copy.

And the best part?

This language will come straight from the mouths of your ideal customers, so it's virtually guaranteed to resonate with them! 

You do NOT need to keep guessing which words and phrases will most appeal to your ideal clients.

Instead, use the Speak Your Dream Customer's Language Toolkit to create a whole bank of powerful potential copy that you can use to make your words more profitable ASAP!

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