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Hi there, I'm Dr. Suzy Cater! I help business owners and creatives make more sales on autopilot with showstopper, ethical copy that leverages up-to-the-minute conversion strategies, deeply connects with their dream clients, and positions them as industry thought leaders.

(In a nutshell, I'm the word-slinging partner in expansion you've been dreaming of 🥰...)

Here are the details of all my current offers, both free and paid:  

Free goodies

What's Your Wealth-Creating Messaging Personality? (Free Quiz)

This - pretty legendary! - free quiz will give you a personalized game plan for tapping into the magic of your unique, intuitive messaging style, so you can attract more ideal clients and sales (and avoid your messaging personality pitfall!)

Start the 6-question quiz here.

The 4 P's of Personality-Packed Copy (Free Cheatsheet)

Take your copy from "good enough" to irresistible by pouring more of your personality into ALL your copy and content, using the four proven strategies I teach you in this free cheatsheet.

Get access to the PDF here.

The Activate Your Creative Fire Meditation (Free Audio)

This inspiration-sparking audio meditation will put you in a place of deep creative flow, while also giving you more clarity and insight around the message that you're really here to share in your business.

Download the meditation here.

Digital products + programs

Banging Buttons ($9)

Find out how to make 7 simple copy and design changes to your website buttons, which are super quick to implement and hold HUGE potential reward in the form of increased button clicks, sign ups, and sales in your business. (Because let's face it: if you want your readers to take any action whatsoever on your website, you need to get them clicking on your buttons!)

Get more details here.

Speak Your Dream Customer's Language ($17)

Discover exactly how to do voice of customer research in a way that's simple, fast, and profitable. These evergreen (mostly set 'em and forget 'em) strategies will help you create an up-to-the-minute bank of powerful language that's guaranteed to resonate with your ideal clients, which you can then pull from whenever you write copy.

Get more details here.

Set Up Your Social For Sales Checklist ($22)

Want to make 100% sure that your Instagram and Facebook profiles are optimized and set up to bring you in clients like clockwork? Then grab this must-have checklist, that'll walk you through 20 quick profile tweaks to ensure you make more money from all your social media interactions, posts, and comments ASAP!

Get more details here.

The Tagline Inspiration Swipe File ($27)

Your tagline is one of the most read pieces of copy on your entire website, and you have only a few seconds for it to grab the attention of your potential clients. This PDF walks you through exactly how to write a truly memorable, unique tagline that cuts through the noise, captures what you're all about, and immediately intrigues your dream people.

Get more details here.

The Soul'ed Out Social Swipe File ($37)

Get a behind-the-scenes VIP breakdown of multiple social media posts that each brought in $1K+ in sales for me and helped me scale my biz past 6 figures while only posting 2-4 times a week. PLUS I’ll walk you through how to create your own proven, clear, and fuss-free social media strategy, which involves less guesswork, less posting, and more actual sales!

Get more details here.

The Knock-Their-Socks-Off Media Bio Templates ($44)

Quickly whip up attention-grabbing, authority-building media bios that make landing podcast interviews, guest expert talks, and media features SO much easier. These templates will walk you through how to successfully create fabulous new long, short, and super-short media bios for yourself, without any guesswork or stress.

Get more details here.

Web Copy That Converts Bootcamp ($147)

Get walked through exactly how to create potent, true-to-you web copy that sells people 24/7 on your brilliance and brings in more aligned leads and sales on autopilot from your website. Plus, you'll also receive 1:1 accountability and feedback from me!

Get more details here.

Web Copy Magic ($1110 pay-in-full or 12 x $97)

Open the door to a full year of messaging expansion and copy support, with lifetime access to highly powerful copywriting trainings, a huge range of templates and examples, energy work, plus 12 entire months of 1:1 copy feedback and strategy support from me. 

Get more details here.

1:1 Services

Copy Dates (Get your copy written or edited ASAP; packages start at $990+)

Want to get on my calendar fast and see upgrades quickly? This is a great option for you!

Copy Dates are for business owners who want to get specific pieces of copy written or edited and hitting key business goals ASAP. 

If you're clear on your offer(s), have worked with several ideal clients, and want to optimize certain copy assets to do a better job of establishing your authority, highlighting your work's brilliance, and converting sales and leads, then this could be an excellent fit.

NB. Copy Dates are time-based packages, during which we can work on one or more pieces of copy for you, depending on project scope.

Get the full details right here.

Web Copy Deluxe (Done-for-you website and sales copy; $5750)

Get all-new, next-level copy for a multi-page website written entirely for you.

We'll also refresh the messaging at the heart and soul of your brand, strengthen your thought leader positioning, and leverage detailed customer and competitor research to optimize the effectiveness of your copy.

This package has a 4-week turnaround time and you’ll walk away with specific copy deliverables that you can plug into your website immediately.

You'll also receive access to my biggest and most supportive copywriting program, Web Copy Magic, which includes a year of 1:1 access to me (specifically: I'll give you strategic advice and feedback on up to two pieces of copy per month, for 12 months post-project. Meaning: you'll never be left hanging after doing this package!)

Get the full details right here.

Guest Expert / Summit Speaker / Bundle Contributor

Hop on over to my media page to see if I'd be a good fit to contribute to your event or present as a guest expert in your group program!

More details right here.

*Honoring the intellectual property and voices of other business owners is super important to me, so let me disclose that this page was inspired by Elizabeth Goddard's Everything Page. More details on what exactly that is right here. (Affiliate link)

More About Me

Heyyyy again, I'm Suzy! I'm an acclaimed expert in conversion copy and messaging, who loves helping business owners and creatives pour the beating heart of their brands into sparkling words that sell.

With a background as a former prize-winning academic, researcher, and teacher, my work has been featured on multiple podcasts and been published in top scholarly journals. 

Since 2017, I’ve written and consulted for major restaurant brands, charities, startups, and New York Times bestselling authors. I’ve also worked 1:1 with 80+ business owners and creatives, and mentored hundreds more in my workshops and programs on how to create compelling, soulful copy that gets results.

If you want your copy to consistently bring in more sales with greater ease and predictability, I'm here to help you make that happen!

Praise and Testimonials

I was feeling like there was something unsaid in my messaging... and in literally ten minutes, Suzy had found THE THING. She gave me amazing, really unique ideas for how to talk about and express it. And that thing is seriously why people hire me!


Suzy is a copy wizard! She doesn't just give you words to use - instead, she gives you the tools, confidence, and excitement to find for yourself the best words to attract your soul-aligned clients, so you can draw in the people you're truly meant to serve!


Suzy's copy banked us multiple 5 figures in sales over a long weekend and skyrocketed our mailing list engagement! Plus, her knack for offering high-level messaging strategy, and her ability to identify powerful, relatable stories that deeply connect with your audience is incredible.


Suzy is a master at what she does. She has expert listening and observation skills, and was able to quickly and intuitively "get me". She's helped me name and claim my value in a way that sounds and feels like me (but better, lol). All I wanted was a completed website and what I got was so much more!



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