make total strangers say "wow - tell me more!"

With The Knock-Their-Socks-Off Media Bio Templates

Quickly whip up attention-grabbing, authority-building media bios that make landing podcast interviews, guest expert talks, and media features SO much easier

"Suzy sees how you want to show up online and helps you amplify your voice in a way that allows you to feel excited about writing and creating again!

Plus, I freaking love my new media bio! I send it out all the time now for podcasts and summits where I'm featured. I'm so grateful to have a bio I love!"

Shelly Robinson, Family Wellness Coach and Founder of the "Raising Yourself" movement

Hey there, fellow entrepreneur! 

Let's get right to the point: you and I both know that media features, podcasts, virtual summits, and guest expert talks are a BRILLIANT way to build your authority, bring in more leads, and give your brand a nice publicity boost...

But sometimes, pulling together a media bio for those things can feel like pulling teeth!

The upshot? 

A lot of business owners end up selling themselves short or coming off as kinda bland in their media bios... and missing out on valuable clicks, connections, and visibility opportunities as a result. (Gahhh!)

Knock-Their-Socks-Off Media Bio Templates

Feel like it might be time to give your media bio an upgrade?

Well, my friend, this is where we give it the full Ritz-Carlton spa treatment!

(Picture the Laney Boggs makeover scene in She's All That, minus "Kiss Me" playing in the background...)

Suzy Cater

Hey there! I'm Dr. Suzy Cater.

I'm an acclaimed expert in conversion copy and messaging, who helps trailblazing business owners pour the heart and soul of their brands into sparkling, memorable words that sell their offers with dignity and integrity.

I'm also a prize-winning researcher and former writing teacher who's been featured on numerous podcasts, published in top academic journals, and who holds degrees with honors from New York University and the University of Oxford. 

Since 2017, I've personally written and consulted for over 80 different business owners (including New York Times bestselling authors, international charities, and leading startup founders), and mentored hundreds more through my online programs and workshops... 

... supporting them to create stunning, personality-infused messaging which consistently hits their business goals and deeply connects with their readers (woot woot!)

I've also been around the block enough in the online business world to repeatedly see (for both my clients and myself!) how a better media bio can:

⭐ Increase the success rate of your podcast and media pitches

⭐ Land you more business-building visibility opportunities

⭐ Massively enhance your credibility with new audiences

⭐ Get you noticed in virtual summits and bundles, where you might otherwise be lost in the crowd

And THAT'S why I’ve poured my years of messaging work, insights from collaborating with multiple PR experts, and experiences helping numerous clients upgrade their bios for major media features into... 

The Knock-Their-Socks-Off Media Bio Templates!

Media Bios

"Suzy asks insightful questions, shares a wealth of knowledge, and shows you how an outsider is viewing what you are putting out (this has been hugely beneficial for me!)

She also showed me how to develop my ideas and stories in ways that brought me so many new client inquiries!

Previously, I wouldn’t put pen to paper and was never sure what to say, so I’d procrastinate, always aiming for perfection. Now, I actually call in and capture my copy ideas, and can’t stop the ideas from coming!"

Adele Leah, Personal Brand Expert and Coach

"I love how Suzy guides you through her unique process and asks powerful questions! This has brought clarity and structure into my brain and my business messaging.

Not only do I feel much clearer, more at ease and super in alignment with what I do and offer, but in sales calls, I can articulate much better who I am and what I do. (This led to me signing up two new coaching clients within a week of my work with Suzy!)"

Nicole Mueller, Professional Harpist and Musician's Coach

"Suzy's no-nonsense, 'let's-sort-your-sh*t-out' approach helped me not only get my head around what I wanted to say with my words but also realize the deeper levels of what I'm achieving in my work.

I don't feel afraid of writing to promote my business now - I understand how to structure my copy, I get it now!

I feel much more confident, and have gained a sense of the true depth of my work in a way that has helped me lift myself up, believe in the power of my message, and attract higher-achieving - and higher-paying - clients!"

Katie Crooks, Voice Coach and Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Suzy Cater

The exercises and examples in The Knock-Their-Socks-Off Media Bio Templates will walk you step-by-step through how to create credibility-boosting media bio copy which:

✅ Hits the right tone

✅ Does justice to your expertise and authority

✅ Conveys enough personality and personal detail for whoever reads it to be intrigued by you and want to know MORE

You’ll walk away having successfully created fabulous new long, short, and super-short media bios for yourself. Meaning that you're gloriously ready to GO for more golden visibility opportunities! 

(Stressing or spending hours over summit application forms or podcast pitches? With the Media Bio Templates in your back pocket, you can fuhgettaboutit, friend...!)

Specifically, this resource will help you to...

  • Transform the process of writing your bio so that it feels simple and quick (and, dare I say it? Possibly even fun!)
  • Get new leads and potential collaborators intrigued by your work and eager to connect with you
  • Ensure that more people listen to your talks and sign up for your stuff (even in online bundles where there are loads of other contributors)
  • Increase your likelihood of being featured by prestigious virtual summits, podcasts, and media publications  
  • Build authority and communicate your expertise wherever you decide to share your media bio copy (this can also be on your website and sales pages!)

Need more specifics? Here's EXACTLY what's included in the Media Bio Templates:

Easy-to-implement, no-fluff messaging strategies to help you include the right, most relevant information in your bio

Laser-focused guidance on how to create powerful one-liners which capture your work's magic and take your bio from okay to AWESOME

Detailed templates that show you exactly how to write long, short, and super-short media bios for yourself (so you never get a max. or minimum word count and have to throw something together at the last minute again!)

- Inspiration-sparking sentence starters, questions, and writing prompts to get your words flowing FAST and take any guesswork and/or frustration out of the writing process

Multiple media bio examples from my past clients, to show you how successful business owners from a wide variety of niches have created compelling media bios for themselves

10 bonus ideas for extra places to feature your media bio (because the copy you'll pull together for this will likely be so 👏 damn 👏 good that you'll want to leverage it elsewhere to help boost your credibility, conversions and sales even further!)

Knock-Their-Socks-Off Media Bio Templates table of contents

"Suzy is a phenomenal connector of women on their way up, and leading the charge on women's leadership messaging!

It's also more than that, though... she is attracting a community that wants to sell with full integrity, commitment to each client, and a whole heart.

Suzy is a lovely lady, a beautiful soul, and worth her weight in gold. By being so solid in who she is and what she offers, she is a model for helping you to do the same!"

Carlene Gunsior, Human Design Expert

"Suzy's copywriting trainings really helped me own my unique way of seeing and doing things. 

Not only did that obviously help me bring in more aligned clients, but it made me feel more confident about who I am and what I’m here to share.

I’ve definitely tightened my copy thanks to her!"

Dr. Sarah Coxon, Business mentor

Still scrolling? Then I'll cut right to the chase 😉...

If you're looking to grow your business revenue and mailing list by doing MORE podcast interviews, guest expert appearances, virtual summits, and/or bundles over the next 12 months...

... then you NEED a strong media bio that makes it easy for people to say "yes!" to your pitches, and which helps you leverage visibility opportunities to the max by getting more people to check out your work and join your mailing list. 

If you're ready to put yourself in a position where...

  • Applying for visibility opportunities is easier and less time-consuming, because you have a very strong media bio written and ready to go
  • You have increased confidence in your own expertise and accomplishments, because your wealth of experience is succinctly communicated in highly effective copy
  • You're now equipped with a messaging asset that just keeps on giving, which gets you noticed and respected by more dream collaborators and industry connections
  • You're owning your own authority and credibility more, and are drawing on your media bio copy to save time when pulling together other marketing copy too

This resource would be an excellent fit for you!

"Before I experienced Suzy's messaging work, I was stuck in "rumination hell" with my writing!

Then I realized that I actually hadn't clarified my core messaging - who I am, my story, what I'm about, what I stand for, the transformation I want for my clients.

Fortunately, Suzy's outside, expert eyes are fine-tuned to help pull out what makes YOU and what you have to offer really shine through. 

Now that I've got everything defined, I feel clearer and more brave, and like everything is flowing so much easier. I have more momentum, and when I sit down to write, the words just come!"

Jennifer Pielak, Actor and Creative Coach

"Experiencing Suzy's teachings has been so helpful in connecting to and trusting my own voice more. 

She is an incredible copywriting mentor: gentle, encouraging and intuitive.

I've found her messaging trainings inspiring and so useful in identifying what I really want to say. Her work is truly powerful!"

Kat Luckock, Social Entrepreneur Coach

"Experiencing Suzy's work and copywriting trainings helped me feel more confident about my messaging - less reluctant to toot my own horn, say what I want to say, and stand out.

She really opened my eyes to the many possibilities of showcasing my expertise. Plus, her down-to-earth approach and personality is comforting, yet highly motivating.

Soon after my work with her, I used the messaging we'd created in an informal call with a potential client, and the client immediately wanted to work with me!"

Dr. Edie Moore, Learning Experience Design Strategist

"When I was upgrading my online presence recently, I wanted to work with someone who knew how to strengthen my positioning as a thought leader, while also being able to write compelling, psychological sales copy that converts. 

Suzy is an expert at both - she knows how to create impactful copy that articulates the value of your work! 

She is someone who remains in my go-to list of experts and I recommend her to anyone looking for great copy!"

Cynthia Corsetti, Leadership and C-Suite Executive Coach

"Suzy is a master at what she does! 

She knows just the right amount of push that is needed to get you to break through and doesn't stop until she gets to the core. It was just what I needed.

She helped me name and claim my value and what I deliver for my clients in a way that sounds and feels like me (but better, lol...)

The process of working with her helped reinforce my value. It also opened my eyes wide to the power of owning and expressing who I am and why I do what I do, along with what I do!"

Angela Mastandrea, Creative Operations Consultant

Straight facts: the online business world is CROWDED place. 

So why not use these proven processes, templates, examples, and writing prompts to create memorable, dazzling media bios that make YOU stand out? 

Think: less time spent writing, less time second-guessing yourself, more profitable visibility opportunities, more leads coming in, and more people immediately respecting the brilliance of what you do!

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