What's your Wealth-Creating Messaging Personality?

Ready to lean into the power of your authentic voice  and find out the messaging approach that's best suited to YOU?

My legendary 6-question quiz will give you a free personalized game plan that will show you how to tap into the power of your intuitive messaging style and use it to attract MORE cash and clients in your business!

Suzy Cater

Here's what people are saying...

You should know... this is not your typical "bro marketer" quiz, with bait-and-switch tactics or too-vague-to-be-helpful results.

Nope. NUH-UH. Absolutely NOT.

Instead, this (100% free!) quiz is the carefully-crafted result of 15+ years of top-notch writing experience, and jam-packed full of insights from having used my messaging and copywriting expertise to help my private clients generate millions of dollars.

(BONUS? You don't even have to hand over your email address to access your results, if you prefer not to!)

This is where you go from using messaging that gets the job done (kinda)...

... to creating stand-out messaging nobody can forget.

(And that also nets your business more clients and profits!)

This is where you go from using messaging that gets the job done (kinda)...

... to creating stand-out messaging nobody can forget.

(And that also nets your business more clients and profits!)

Here's what you'll walk away with after taking the quiz:  

  • The skinny on YOUR signature wealth-creating messaging personality, and what it means for your marketing approach
  • Deep clarity around your most profitable communication strengths 
  • A rundown of potential messaging pitfalls to watch out for that are specific to your personality type
  • A personalized game plan for how to use YOUR intuitive messaging style to draw in more dream clients and sales, in a way that feels aligned, uncomplicated and FUN! 

Hi, I’m Dr. Suzy Cater. 

And I help women entrepreneurs own the power of their voices and magic of their soul gifts, so they stand out as thought leaders in their industries and create more wealth in their businesses from a place of inspiration, integrity and FUN.

I’m also not your usual free-webinar-wielding, “make 6 figures in six minutes!” online marketer.

Instead, I’m a former conversion copywriter (and before that, an academic researcher and educator by way of New York University and Oxford)...

... who helps more women make more money in their businesses by getting them to step into who they REALLY are, and give voice to the brilliance already inside them.

The fact of the matter is: we live in a patriarchal world which has taught many of us (often, correctly...) that it’s not always safe to speak up and step forward to be SEEN.


We get into the habit of self-censoring ourselves, and press "mute" on the words and talents inside us that we're ACTUALLY meant to share with the world, even as they burn an insistent (and increasingly uncomfortable!) fire in our hearts.

I’m here to say — enough of that.

And to invite you to ask — what would happen if you let go of a lifetime of people telling you to show up polite and palatable...

... and instead liberated yourself to speak words that come straight from your heart and that give voice to your inner FIRE?

Seismic shifts in your business revenue AND your life, I'm betting.

Curious what you could make happen if you stepped into the full power of the messaging style that comes most intuitively to YOU and your personality (and stop trying to sound like someone you’re actually not)?

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