Yessssssss — I'm so excited that you're IN!

And - while you’re here - wanna grab my Pitch for Profit Goodie Bag, which gives you a dozen super powerful, PROVEN sales post templates (plus some other amazing resources!) to launch your paid offers faster and with more ease on social media?

Suzy Cater

What You'll Get:

  • 7 Plug-and-play Long-form Sales Post Templates in a handy Google doc, that you can customize immediately with the details of your paid offers, and even use as potent launch emails too (hallelujah! No more guesswork or drafting all your sales and launch copy from scratch!
  • Examples of how I used and adapted every single one of the templates to promote and sell my own paid offers during launches, so you can see what they look like in action for a real-life business
  • 5 BONUS Fun, Outside-the-box Sales Post Templates (with examples for each) that you can write in three minutes or less to sell your stuff FAST on Facebook or Instagram 
  • Two pages of my TOP PITCHING AND LAUNCHING TIPS, drawn from years of launching for myself, helping my clients have their most successful launches ever, and getting behind-the-scenes launch insights from my fellow copywriters (p.s. this is stuff that basically NONE of the big online marketing gurus ever tell you about launching!)
  • My beloved Copywriting Power Words PDF, that contains 60 high-impact words and phrases which you can sprinkle all over your landing and sales pages, as well as your launch posts, to make them punchier and more compelling

A quick word...

I know that when it comes to launching a program or paid offer, inspiration often seems to vanish out the window when it comes to writing your sales posts and emails (grrrr!)…

… and that's a humungous problem, because business owners need to REPEATEDLY talk about their paid offers during launches, in order to get the largest possible amount of people buying them!

That’s why I created the Pitch for Profit Goodie Bag — to make it as easy as possible for you to leverage all the super valuable messaging work you do with The Soul’ed Out Social Swipe File, and pour it into these templates to quickly create up to a dozen potent pitch posts (plus, punch up your sales and landing pages with more impactful copy too!), so you can convey the brilliance of your offers and get more people PAYING for them!.

Suzy Cater


Business Coach

In my first month of working with Suzy, I sold a quarter of a million dollars! Our work activated my voice and helped me pour fire into all my content. Plus, the messaging she channeled for me has helped me sell out 3 high-ticket group programs (and counting...!), and the caliber of women we attracted was next level!

Jennifer Gluckow


Sales Coach

Suzy's knack for offering high-level messaging strategy, and her ability to identify powerful stories that connect with your audience is incredible. With her help, we banked multiple 5 figures in sales over a long weekend and skyrocketed our mailing list engagement! Plus, thanks to her help around storytelling, I rocked one of the biggest onstage talks I’d ever delivered!


Wellness Educator

Since working with Suzy, my messaging is so clear and magnetic! I love sharing about what I do and how the right people respond. I'm writing less but I've got people reaching out to work with me more - my workshops have filled up and I've doubled my number of 1-1 clients. This work is truly game-changing!

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