Your Wealth-Creating Messaging Personality Is...

The Behind-the-Scenes Genius

There's no question about it: you're fantastic at what you do.

You have a treasure-trove of wisdom and expertise that you use to benefit others, and you pride yourself on delivering fantastic results for your clients. 

The people you work with are usually exceptionally grateful for your help, as the changes you spark are big ones.

And when you show up for yourself as much you do for others, using your talents and voice on behalf of your own business? Then the results can't help but be phenomenal.

Here's how you can start using your wealth-creating messaging personality to your advantage:

(And enjoying the flow of clients, sales, and visibility opportunities that all come a whole lot easier when you're tapping into your messaging strengths...)

First, let's take a look at your signature style...


How you roll:

Suzy Cater

You have a gift for sparking clarity and inspiration in others, and things often fall swiftly into place for people after their insight-generating interactions with you.

As well as your strengths as an educator and guide, you're also a multi-talented entrepreneur.

You're drawn to new ways to grow professionally and personally, and your brain is frequently buzzing with rich ideas for projects you want to start.

Combine that creative ambition with a commitment to producing messaging that showcases your talents, credibility, and big business vision... and you're on an exciting path.


To stay confident and not allow your insecurities about things you haven't yet achieved to stop you from positioning yourself as a high-end expert in your field.

Because once you start to treat yourself with the same care and generosity that you offer your clients, you'll open the doors to being recognized (and compensated!) as the talented force of nature you are.

"Last year's words belong to last year's language / And next year's words await another voice." - T.S. Eliot

How To Embrace Your Messaging Personality and Liberate Your Voice:

It's time to free yourself from the second-guessing and confidence blocks that can cause you to play it small with what you say. 

I believe that you don't have to follow the "rules" to write powerful words that drive change. In fact, as an entrepreneur whose message is tied to an inspiring business vision and deep passion for your work, you get to write OUTSIDE the lines.

Owning your signature wealth-creating messaging personality will help give you the confidence and inspiration to let the words you need pour out of you.

→ The words for communicating the message you truly want to share and to attract the clients you're most excited to work with.

But beware of your messaging personality pitfall... 


Based on your quiz responses, you might struggle with prioritizing your own visibility and creating messaging that sells as well as educates.

Though you love learning from experts and sharing your knowledge to help others, you have to ensure that you:

- Get out of apprentice mode to start leading as well as learning

- Create messaging that makes your readers champ at the bit to work with you

You want your messaging to graduate from being something that others think is simply enjoyable/inspiring/helpful to read... to being an effective lead generation tool that converts readers into sales calls and clients.

Suzy Cater

Your Wealth-Creating Messaging Game Plan:

Your messaging game plan comes down to 3 main things: getting positive, personal, and opinionated.

Here’s exactly what to focus on, moving forward...


For your messaging to be memorable, you need to offer your audience an enticing glimpse into the Cinderella-like transformation you can create for them.

But remember to focus on the ballroom and not just the pumpkins.

Too many entrepreneurs get the heebie-jeebies about the thought of potentially over-promising in their messaging... and water down their words as a result.

This means that they focus too much on evoking their audience's pain points (aka on describing the Cinderella who’s scrubbing floors and chopping pumpkins)...

... and don’t talk enough about the amazing effects and impact of working with them (aka about the Cinderella rocking out in her ballgown at the palace!)

Other pitfalls are...

  • Talking too much about the nitty-gritty logistics of how you'll make the transformation happen for your clients, instead of the magic of your process and end results
  • Being too vague in your language, which can make it difficult for your audience to visualize what you're describing

These tendencies usually happen when you're concerned about being too bold and confident in your messaging.

But if you don't have the confidence that you can make good things happen for your clients, they won’t either.

Remember: YOU get to choose your clients!

If someone has a bad attitude or isn’t in the right place to get great results from your work, you can say no to signing them on! 

But you do have to be clear on the positive result your audience wants to achieve by working with you... and to repeatedly share the message that you can help them with that.

This also means using your messaging to talk about and acknowledge what your readers actually want (not just what you believe they need).

The best-converting copy uses similar language to what your ideal clients use when they describe what they really desire.

If you grab your readers' attention by meeting them where they're at and talking about what they currently want... you'll put yourself in a position to also give them what they most need further down the line.


On top of talking about the impact of your work, you want to position YOURSELF as the no-brainer best choice to perform that work.

This is your moment to get clear on how all your experiences to date weave together and enable you to have a one-of-a-kind approach to what you do:

  • Maybe you have an unconventional background that gives you a fresh and original perspective...
  • Maybe the ups and downs of your personal journey can inspire your audience that similar transformations are possible for them...
  • Maybe you’ve created incredible results for previous clients that you need to highlight more...
  • Or maybe you approach what you do in a very different way to others in your industry...

Whatever your stand-out factors are, get clear on them ... and get TALKING about them.

Also, those quirks that your friends and family love about you? Those experiences and personality traits that make you YOU? Don't hide them away!

This is the stuff that people often most WANT to see, which can build genuine connection and a deeper know-like-trust factor with your audience.

Combine this with messaging that also emphasizes your credibility and expertise (e.g. testimonials, client wins or case studies, authority-building blog posts, videos where you talk about your magical process or your clients' great results...) and you're onto a winning formula!


Ever drafted a social media post or message to your mailing list and then thought... “No, that’s too much. I can’t share that!"

I’ve got a newsflash for you: YES, you bloody well can.

Those naysaying, skeptical voices in your head are likely just trying to protect you from getting visible and vocal on an issue that means a lot to you.

Because being visible and vocal on an issue you care a lot about always carries risks - of someone responding negatively, of making yourself a target for a nasty jibe, of planting your flag in the sand and repelling some people as a result.

Thing is, the people you repel aren't really your people.

And frankly, it’s better to repel them sooner rather than later, so you can make room in your orbit for others who DO share your principles, vision and values.

If you allow your inner critics to dictate what you share and to keep your voice small, uncontroversial and vanilla... 

You might succeed in keeping yourself safe from criticism in the short term, but you'll likely be limiting the growth and success of your business in the long term.

Being bold in your messaging doesn't mean becoming someone you're not.

Being bold means having the courage to talk about issues that you actually care deeply and passionately about. 

Think about those moments in the past when you've flown in the face of other's expectations, showed courage, or taken action the way you really wanted to.

That's the kind of energy that you want to bring to your messaging and copy... and that will differentiate you from the 99% of other business owners who stay stuck playing it safe with what they say.


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Meet Suzy

Messaging expert, copywriter extraordinaire, mama to two wild kiddos, introvert and HSP, Welsh lass married to a New Yorker, encyclopedia on all things romantic-comedy-related, and more...

Full disclosure: I've definitely had a LOT of moments when I was afraid to let my voice be true to who I was.

Like when I got into the University of Oxford at age eighteen... and arrived there self-conscious, with what felt like the wrong accent, the wrong background, and a home in the wrong part of the UK.

So I took to "posh-ing up" my voice and using fancy words that I didn't always know how to pronounce (#awkward!)

Then, as an award-winning researcher and Teaching Fellow at New York University a decade later, my success there masked burnout, pain, and gut-wrenching nerves every time I emailed a senior professor in my field.

It was at that point that I decided that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life feeling a sense of dread each time I sat down to write at my keyboard.

I didn't want to run myself into the ground or spend precious years of my life feeling stressed or exhausted.

And I didn't want to devote my entire career to producing a kind of writing that's accurately described as CRITICISM.

Instead, I wanted to lift others and their voices UP.

To show people that you could express yourself powerfully no matter where you came from.

And not just to study words... but to use them in a way that empowered others to share their gifts with the world and create better lives for themselves.

Because I believe that our ability to forge connections, relationships, and change through language is one of the most powerful things we've got going for us as human beings.

So I took a humongous leap of faith... and left my career path in academia behind me.

It was during my "time in the wilderness" afterward that I started putting my words OUT THERE again.


A business I can run from anywhere... and a rich life where I prioritize my own well-being, have two amazing kiddos, and spend my days working with incredible entrepreneurs and artists. 

Today, I help creative, trailblazing business owners pour their passion and authority into stunning, memorable copy assets that work for them 24/7 to bring in new leads, build their credibility, and maximize their sales with integrity and dignity.

Because I know that exceptional evergreen copy can make running your business SO MUCH easier, and I believe you deserve that.

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Want access to a timeless messaging toolkit (beloved by hundreds of business owners), which will help you own your authority, spotlight your magic, and make more consistent sales — with a lot less effort! — using your business messaging...?

If the answer's "Yes, please, Suzy!" — then you absolutely need to take a look at my Soul'ed Out Social Swipe File PDF.

It's your golden ticket to more inspired, powerful, and profitable messaging that draws in more of your ideal clients, fuss-free (and it costs less than a date night at the movies, whaaaaat!)

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