And draw in more ideal clients by speaking to your audience's desires

With the Benefits That Blow Them Away Bundle

Benefits That Blow Them Away Bundle

Would you LOVE to convey what you do clearly, succinctly, and super compellingly to potential clients?

And what if you could get crystal clear on the exact people you want to attract, and how to create messaging that deeply resonates with them?

(Specifically: without twisting the knife into their pain points and without using the same-old, same-old language used by all your competitors...)

Well you are in EXACTLY the right place, darling, because this transformative messaging bundle will help you do just that!

Here's the deal:

Too much sales copy in the online business world uses messaging that shamelessly agitates readers' pain points and talks constantly about people's problems. (Bleurgh...!)

The Benefits That Blow Them Away Bundle will show you a different approach, where:


  • Your messaging will stop positioning you as a fixer of problems and instead position you as an exciting partner in your clients’ EXPANSION

  • You'll talk less about your audience's struggles and more about the incredible future possibilities you can make happen for them

  • You'll learn how to do all this in a way that consistently draws in true, next-level clients for your business, while repelling the kinds of non-ideal clients you don't particularly want to work with

(Intrigued? Keep reading...!)

Suzy Cater
Suzy Cater

By doing things so differently to the vast majority of online marketers, you'll find that...

- Your client dynamics get a GAZILLION times better — because your language draws in self-led people with fewer struggles, who aren't trying to hire you to solve all their problems

- Your sales become easier and more frequent, because you’re connecting with an entirely different (and often, better!) caliber of client, who's willing to hand over good money to accelerate their progress

- You feel as if something's deeply “clicked” with your messaging — meaning, instead of constantly guessing what the “right thing” is to say in your copy and marketing, you'll finally KNOW what to say from a soul-led place that feels incredibly aligned and intuitive

Ready to achieve all that with The Benefits That Blow Them Away Bundle?


First, you'll receive my Benefits That Blow Them Away Cheatsheet, which will walk you through...

A game-changing Client Clarification exercise that ensures you'll never talk to the wrong people again

Because — insider secret!!! — even my 7- and 8-figure clients accidentally speak to the wrong audiences at times! It’s one of the most common messaging mistakes out there, and it can seriously hamper your business growth... 

But don't sweat it! This exercise will ensure that this no longer happens, by giving you a rinse-and-repeat process (that takes minutes to work through!), which you can use again and again to instantly upgrade your copy to draw in more of your ideal people!

A strategic messaging approach that will help you finally nail your differentiator

More real talk: just about anyone can talk about their audience's problems, but NOT everyone knows how to talk positively about their offers, who they are, and the impact of what they do in a way that makes them actually stand out in a crowded industry.

Well, welcome to the exclusive club, baby, because that's what the cheatsheet will teach you how to do, in words that grab the attention of your specific ideal customers and help you stand out in a sea of competitors.

Easy-to-implement pointers for translating this strategy into actual, sales-generating website COPY

Don't worry — the cheatsheet is NOT about getting you to do a bunch of time-consuming exercises that will ultimately leave you looking at your laptop screen and Word doc, feeling just as lost as when you started!

Instead, it'll take you about 10-15 minutes to read through, 1-2 hours to work through, and leave you with tons of ideas for immediately upgrading the copy on your website and sales pages, so you can use your new knowledge and words to bring in more soulmate clients ASAP!

Plus, you'll also get these two, super handy bonuses! (Regular price: $17) 

60 Copywriting Power Words

The 60 Copywriting Power Words PDF

Ever find yourself at a loss for words or wondering how you could punch up your copy to make it more impactful? 

Well, that's exactly what this PDF has been designed to support you with — giving you 60 copywriting power words (which are relevant to a huge range of businesses) that will accelerate your path to writing more memorable, engaging copy ASAP (and stop you from spending hours on or realizing you've used the same word half a dozen times in two paragraphs... I've been there!)

The High Converting Copy Editing Checklist

The High-Converting Copy Editing Checklist

Too many business owners create a first draft of their copy, read it over, and then despair (or worse, delete it all and put themselves in a position where they have to start from scratch again — NOOOOOO!)

This tried-and-tested 10-step checklist will help you adopt a more effective, systematic (and much less frustrating!) approach to editing, so you know exactly what to look for and can easily use it on all your draft copy to successfully hit "PUBLISH" fast!

Still wondering if this is right for you?

Well, the Benefits That Blow Them Away Bundle is pretty darn PERFECT for:

  • Service Providers...
  • Coaches...
  • Consultants...
  • Artists and Creatives...
  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Healers...
  • And Online Course Creators...

... who want to attract lots more perfect-fit clients, generally uplevel who they work with, and truly do justice to the powerful magic of their work with the way they use their words to describe it!

What My Clients Are Saying

Brooke Adams Law

Brooke Adams Law

Author + Writing Coach

I knew I wanted support to make sure I communicated the power of what I do... and The Benefits that Blow Them Away Cheatsheet absolutely blew my mind. I was able to pinpoint with laser accuracy the power of what I offer, and who I love working with the most. Now I feel EXCITED to write copy instead of overwhelmed, and DIRECTED instead of confused!

Katie Crooks

Katie Crooks

Hypnotherapist + Vocal Confidence Coach 

Suzy helped me gain a sense of the true depth of my work, in a way that's got me to lift myself up, believe in the power of my message, and begin to attract higher-achieving — and higher-paying — clients! I came for copywriting, and left with a renewed sense of confidence about what I'm offering the world and what my offerings are worth!

Shelley Honeychurch

Shelley Honeychurch

Leadership Expert

I'd found it really difficult to articulate the benefits of the work I do in a way that was inspiring and captured the essence of it. I was so stuck in the weeds of the pain points! But The Benefits that Blow Them Away Cheatsheet helped me move away from those pain points and weave an almost magical visual for my clients of the transformations I create - in a way that was easy and fun!

Where to begin on Suzy's brilliance? She helped me come up with clear language and ideas that resonate beautifully with the creative badasses who work with me. The sales page we created feels like a living document that truly expresses my work, and it's still calling in fantastically-aligned clients to this day!



Gemma Went

Suzy and I worked together after I'd gone through a huge uplevel and found myself in a "no woman's land" of messaging! I loved her blend of true copy and messaging expertise, and she helped me make important shifts in my copy and messaging before an upcoming big launch, where I onboarded an amazing cohort of women!



Emma-Louise Parkes

When I emailed my list to promote two new 1:1 spots using messaging Suzy and I came up with, I sold THREE without even a sales call, giving me a $15K week! And now I can clearly talk about parts of the process I walk my clients through without it feeling structured or like a formula, which has given me life with my messaging!



Oh, and YAY! This messaging bundle of fabulousness will also help you wave goodbye to...

  • Using industry jargon that doesn’t resonate with or attract your ideal clients
  • Being too vague and general when it comes to describing the game-changing results you create
  • Sharing in a way that’s too modest and that doesn’t accurately reflect the transformations you make happen
  • Drifting into sales speak or waffling in ways that accidentally alienate your readers
  • Getting too focused on the nitty-gritty and losing sight of the big picture reasons of why your work matters

Instead, you'll discover how to...

Highlight the magic of what you do in compelling words that get your dream clients mega pumped to hire you

Attract people who pay you better and value you MORE, instead of clients who are too needy or not a good fit 

Know which benefits of your work are key to emphasize, so you never accidentally sell your work short again

Hey there, I'm Dr. Suzy Cater!

I'm an acclaimed expert in conversion copy and messaging, who's helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs worldwide use the power of their words to skyrocket their business profits.

With degrees from the University of Oxford and N.Y.U. under my belt, I've won awards for my research and teaching, appeared on numerous podcasts, and written and consulted for startups, national franchises, international charities, and leading EdTech companies, as well as New York Times bestselling authors.

Since starting my online business in 2018, I've been working with visionary women in business and the arts, and after our work together, my clients regularly experience:

  • Their most successful launches EVER
  • Sold-out group programs (often with waiting lists!)
  • Getting fully-booked with 1:1 customers
  • Totally upleveling the caliber of clients they attract
  • Hitting their highest-ever revenue months and/or years

... and MORE!

And in case you need more reassurance before grabbing the bundle, here's my... 

Buy It + Totally Love It Money Back GUARANTEE

money back



If, for some reason, you don't feel like you received any value from The Benefits That Blow Them Away Bundle, you can get a full, no-questions-asked refund within 7 days after purchase.


All you have to do is email my support at to request it and prompt us to start the refund process. Easy as pie!

What My Clients Are Saying

Damaly Shepherd

Damaly Shepherd

Brand Portrait Photographer

Suzy is magical to work with! Not only did she give me copy and messaging that helped me regularly close paid-in-full 4-figure packages (and which made getting on sales calls a breeze!), but she saw what I was stepping into and helped me claim it, in language that truly lands with people I love working with!

Orly Wachter

Dietician Business Coach

Suzy's messaging exercises helped me go deep with understanding who I want to attract and what makes me unique! Now I feel energized and inspired with new ways to communicate with my audience and attract the clients I really want to work with. I feel like I care less about what people think of me and can bring more power/conviction to my content!

Jen Walthers

Wellbeing + Mindfulness Consultant 

I always felt like I didn't fit into the cookie-cutter formulas of other copywriting programs... But since working with Suzy, my messaging is so clear and magnetic! I'm writing less but people are reaching out to work with me more — my workshops have filled up and I've doubled my number of 1:1 clients. I write something on social or to my list... and people just reach out to work with me!

Edie Moore

Anyone wanting to revamp their messaging and experience quick results, should look no further than Suzy! She immediately opened my eyes to the many possibilities of showcasing my expertise. And soon after our work together, I used the messaging we'd created in an informal call with a potential client, and the client immediately wanted to work with me



Nicole Muller

Before working with Suzy, I was struggling with defining my ideal client and talking about myself and my message. Now, I feel super in alignment, and can articulate so much better who I am and what I do. Suzy’s powerful questions brought clarity and structure into my brain and my messaging. And that showed, because within a week, I signed up two new coaching clients!




I decided to get help from Suzy based on her track record of helping women and business owners like me, and her ability to convey a message in a creative and effortless way. Well, working with her was nothing short of wonderful! It helped me gain so much clarity in my messaging and how to better communicate with my audience in my new website copy!



Jennifer Gluckow

Jennifer Gluckow

Author + Sales Expert

Suzy's knack for offering high-level messaging strategy, and her ability to identify powerful, relatable stories that deeply connect with your audience is incredible. With her help, we banked multiple 5 figures in sales over a long weekend and skyrocketed our mailing list engagement! Plus, thanks to her expert help around storytelling, I was able to rock one of the biggest onstage talks I’d ever delivered!

Sara Loureiro

Sara J. Loureiro

Business Coach

I felt so much more confident AND made the most launch revenue ever for my group program after getting Suzy's help with my messaging. She also opened my eyes to how little of ME and my journey I'd been sharing in my writing, and helped me create a sales page that was light years better than the one I'd made on my own. I'm now on track to make six figures in course sales alone from my program!

Lauren Levine

Movement Expert

Finding someone who inspires me to WANT to write copy is unheard of! I’ve always loved to write, but have felt so much pressure and stress with sales copy. Since working with Suzy, I believe in my own expression of my work so much more. She's guided me to a soul-aligned place where I can not only hear, but also SPEAK my truth and desires. This has brought a deeper connection, drawing in more of my soul clients. She's been such a gift!

Angela Mastandrea

I didn’t know how to articulate my message in a way that felt authentic, non-buzzwordy, and succinct… but Suzy helped me name and claim my value and what I deliver for my clients in a way that sounds and feels like me (but better, lol!) She opened my eyes wide to the power of owning and expressing who I am and why I do what I do, and brought clarity to my messaging and new website copy!



Jackie Bradley

Suzy has provided REAL, authentic, no BS ways to own my thought leadership and share my voice in a way that connects with my people and lands business. I have not only walked away with my copy complete, but I’m clearer and clearer on the impact of my work and how to message that impact to convert sales. The ROI on my investment alone is in the double digits! Suzy is a wizard with words!



Sarah whitbread

I love the lack of knife-twisty pain points in the way that Suzy teaches copywriting! So much copy training I've taken focuses on the problem/pain aspect, but moving away from that is a far more inspiring way to work with clients (and easier on yourself, when writing copy!) Plus, Suzy's genuineness and warmth in wanting you to succeed is tangible! I can't recommend her work enough!



Lynne Stukart

Musician and Sound Therapist

Suzy is a rare gem and more of what the world needs right now - someone who can help empower other business owners through the power of words and connection. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very kind and encouraging, and is a UNICORN at copywriting!

Dr. Sarah Coxon

Business Mentor for Magical Women

Suzy really helped me own my unique way of seeing and doing things. Not only did that obviously help me bring in more aligned clients, but it made me feel more confident about who I am and what I’m here to share. Thanks to her, I’ve definitely tightened my copy!

Louise O Hanlon

Louise O'Hanlon

Life Coach for Divorced Mothers

Suzy helped me zone in on my area of expertise and pull all the threads together - and she did it so quickly! She is smart as a whip, quick with words, fun to work with, and she helps you make the best copy that just pops - and sounds like YOU! Every penny spent with Suzy is worth it!

Your Benefits That Blow Them Away Bundle is waiting!

If you're ready for a transformative messaging crash course in how to create benefits-focused messaging that...

---> Draws in more, truly ideal clients
---> Helps you write copy to scale your business in a more ethical way

---> Increases your sales to people who are a genuine joy to work with

--> Finally communicates just how special your work is with words that really give a sense of its magic

--> Strengthens all your copywriting and editing skills

Then The Benefits that Blow Them Away Bundle is for you!

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