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Tagline Inspiration Swipe File

The Tagline Inspiration Swipe File

Instantly hook new website visitors and get them excited to know more about your work with this inspiration-sparking Tagline Swipe File!




  • Brainstorming prompts and sentence starters to get your ideas for taglines flowing ASAP
  • Fifteen plug ’n’ play tagline templates with a variety of structures (and examples for each) that you can use immediately for your own business and website
  • Bonus ideas for clarifying statements to ensure that nobody clicks away from your website because they’re confused about what you do or offer


➡️ What kinds of businesses will these taglines work best for? 

This product is perfect for service providers, course creators, coaches, consultants, artists, and other online entrepreneurs and small businesses.


After you purchase the Tagline Inspiration Swipe File, you'll receive a secure download link via email to access it. This is a digital product, so nothing physical will ship.

Want to immediately grab the attention of your potential dream clients?

Then you need to make sure that the words on your website instantly connect with them, and clearly communicate that they’re in EXACTLY the right place to benefit from your offers!

To do that, you need a captivating tagline which effectively highlights the biggest, sexiest benefit of what you do! 

This expertly-curated Swipe File will walk you step-by-step through how to create an attention-grabbing opener to your web copy.

It gives you tons of examples and template ideas that you can plug into your website, sales, and landing pages, stat.

It will also show you how to clarify what you do in the copy that immediately follows your tagline, in a succinct way that’s appealing to your readers and keeps them scrolling and engaging with your page.


Web Copy Bootcamp

Tagline Inspiration Swipe File ($17) + Web Copy Bootcamp ($147) = $164 $154 (save $10!)

Tagline Inspiration Swipe File ($17) + Conversion Copywriting 101 ($97) = $114 $104 (save $10!)

Tagline Inspiration Swipe File ($17) + Banging Buttons Workshop ($9) = $26 

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