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Tagline Inspiration Swipe File

The Tagline Inspiration Swipe File

Instantly hook new website visitors and get them excited to know more about your work with this inspiration-sparking Tagline Swipe File!

Real talk: first impressions matter β€” and your tagline is often the first piece of copy that your website visitors read.

Meaning... those words at the top of your home page have the potential to be some of the most read words on your entire business website.

They're also often all that stands between you and your website visitors clicking away, confused or uninterested. (Fun fact: the average viewer sticks around on a website page for less than one minute! πŸ‘€πŸ˜¬)

Let's make those words count, shall we...? 


The Tagline Inspiration Swipe File is full of inspiring prompts, no-fluff strategies, concrete examples, and 15 ready-to-use tagline templates that will help you...

πŸ’« Capture the heart of what matters most about your work

πŸ’« Create an epic Powerful Language list that you can use to upgrade your tagline (and frankly, a bunch of your other copy too!)

πŸ’« Get aligned potential clients excited to know more about what you do within the space of just a few words

πŸ’«  Leverage a proven, bonus strategy for further clarifying your tagline copy to ensure that more of your audience continues to engage with your site and doesn't click away because of confusion or ambiguity!


➑️ What kinds of businesses will these taglines work best for? 

This product is perfect for service providers, course creators, coaches, consultants, artists, and other online entrepreneurs and small businesses.


After you purchase the Tagline Inspiration Swipe File, you'll receive a secure download link via email to access it. This is a digital product, so nothing physical will ship.

READY FOR YOUR WEBSITE to immediately grab the attention of MORE POTENTIAL clients?

Then let's make sure that the first words they see on your site are 100% set up to instantly connect with them and clarify that they’re in EXACTLY the right place to find what they want!

The Tagline Inspiration Swipe File will show you precisely how to do all that, so you walk away with a compelling, attention-grabbing opener to your website, which gets more of your dream clients excited to continue reading.

The Swipe File will also help you create a bank of powerful language that you can draw on to strengthen your web copy in multiple other places across your site, because your messaging will be so much more dialed in, potent, and clear!

If you're ready to bring in more aligned clients with a memorable, strategic, and true-to-YOU tagline, this is where it's at to whip that up ASAP!

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