21-Day Messaging Magic Intensive

with Dr. Suzy Cater

Where we draw out the full power of your voice to create messaging and copy that change your life as well as your business


Ultimate Messaging Magic Experience

with Dr. Suzy Cater

Where we draw out the full power of your voice to create messaging and copy that change your life -- as well as your business

This is about your VOICE. And about giving you the language and energy to use it full-throated.

It's where we dive in so deep that our work has a ripple effect all across your business and life.

It's where I draw out the magic currently burning a hole in your heart -- and pour it into words that magnetize, inspire, and sell from a truly soul-aligned place.

You get exquisite edits / rewrites to your website or sales page by an expert in conversion copywriting (aka ME!) so that your copy reflects the TRUTH and unique brilliance currently buried inside you, longing to be expressed.

But this is also about a lot MORE than copy.

This 21-day program is about taking you to a place where you can embody more inspired leadership and success in your business, magnetic power in your words, and unapologetic boldness in the way that you show up to make your impact on the WORLD.

​This is where you own the uniqueness and power of your voice and use it to create (highly profitable) messaging that touches people's souls.


⚡ Deep-dive messaging exercises (I whip these up especially for you, depending on what I see that you need. Expect them to get you thinking about your work and your voice in unexpected ways -- clients regularly tell me, "Nobody's EVER asked me questions like these before!")

⚡ Review of existing copy and content (so I can gauge where you're at, where you might be subconsciously holding back, and where things could most benefit from a shift or upgrade)

⚡ 3 weeks of email and voice messaging (via Voxer) access to me, Mon-Fri (this can be used for brainstorming, questions, and verbal feedback on your messaging as it shifts throughout the project. It does not include substantive editing or writing work)

⚡ 3 x 1:1 calls with me, which break down as follows: 

  • 1 x 2 hr Messaging Breakthrough call (this is where I get to know you, your mission, what you stand for and how you're different. Usually, we focus on clarifying your Client Desire and Thought Leader Messages™, creating a Messaging Anchoring Statement™, and zeroing in on leveling up and clarifying the messaging around your paid offers) 
  • 1 x 3 hr Asset Creation call (this is where I edit or rewrite your website or sales page copy with you live over Zoom, so that it resonates deeply with your perfect-fit clients, positions you in a completely unique way, and conveys that you're a trailblazing leader in your field. We can usually make edits to multiple web pages, write a one-page website from scratch or upgrade an entire long-form sales page in this time) 
  • 1 x 90 min Integration and Mapping call (this is where we make any final copy or messaging adjustment tweaks, and map out a soul-aligned messaging and marketing strategy for you to move forward with, so you can easily use your content to intuitively attract and deeply connect with the right, soul-aligned clients)

⚡ 1 x In-depth Copy Edit (after our Asset Creation call, I'll go back in to make final edits on whatever copy we created during that session)

⚡ 1 x Post-Project Copy Video Review (after your designer has worked on the copy we created together, you can send over a link to it and I'll shoot you a video with any feedback I have on how could be made to pop and convert better) 

⚡ 10 business days of further post-project email support 

Here's what some of the women who've worked with me before you have to say...

Dr Valerie Rein, bestselling author of Patriarchy Stress Disorder and expert in trauma healing for women 

Dr. Valerie transformed her relationship with writing and is attracting the "most amazing women" to her program!

When Suzy and I first began working together, I was feeling very frustrated, as I felt that my authentic voice wasn’t coming through in my brand messaging. (I’ve had extensive academic trauma around writing that got me to really stifle my voice...) 

I felt like what I was writing as content was dry, academic, almost like it didn't have a pulse — I felt like it didn't have life to it, and what I really WANTED to express wasn’t coming through. It was very, very frustrating, and I felt straitjacketed.

Even as the author of a bestselling book, with a seven-figure business, there was that next level — there’s always that next level! There are a lot of people who can show you the ropes in terms of copywriting when you're just starting out: ‘this is what to say, here are the principles...’ But I was looking for that next level, and I feel like at that level, there are fewer and fewer people who can help.

Sometimes I would ask people: I would bring my quandary about my copy to someone and they would just say, “Well, outsource it! Don't sweat over it, outsource it. You don’t have to keep struggling with it.” I'm so grateful, Suzy, that you were able to see that that was not the real issue.

The real issue was that my authentic voice was not flowing from the depths that it wanted to... and a lot of my self expression and happiness and just that next level of “How good can it get?” for me was hinging on that.

That’s the magic that I've experienced in our work — you've helped me go to those depths. You've helped me see where I was getting stuck. And you didn't take me there through some kind of “Oh, yeah, here’s the formula. This is what you write, this is what you say.”

Instead, you ask amazing questions — questions that got me to think deeply about who I am, my desires, and my relationship with my authentic voice.

Through that exploration that we did together, I got to see that, oh my gosh, that HUGE areas of what makes makes me happy and what gives me joy and what gets me into that flow with my authentic voice were missing from my life — and start to change that.

Now, what’s shifted dramatically for me is that I used to dread certain kinds of writing, like writing email newsletters. I used to dread it. Which was ironic because, years back, I used to love doing creative writing. But then there had been this other period of time where all of that love for writing kind of got hijacked. Where the straitjacket was put on me.

Our work together has helped me take off that straitjacket. It’s helped me rekindle my relationship with language and with writing, which in the past had always been profoundly joyful for me.

Now, I look forward to writing again — it’s shifted from there being an obligation to follow some kind of a formula, from feeling like I need to do it ‘a certain way’ to feeling like I have this clean slate, I have a blank page, and it's EXCITING for me, because I get to share something with people who matter to me.

Because these are my readers, these are people who follow my work, and I deeply appreciate them. It’s such a gift to be able to share with them, and you helped me back get in touch with that experience — that it's a GIFT for me to be able to share with them. That's something really huge. That's something that — like, I've taken copywriting courses before, I've gotten advice from other copywriters, and none of that has taken me there, and us working together DID.

Our work together just keeps taking me deeper into, “Okay, what what really matters? What is that deeper thing that I want to express?” And it just keeps taking me deeper into that, because the more authentically I express that, the more it translates into me getting to work with the most amazing women.

The deeper I go into my authenticity, the more amazing women I attract, who are ready to go on the deep, deep journey that I do in my work. I’ve really noticed the shift — the more my authentic voice flows, the more amazing women I attract.

Celeste Herron, Brand Design Strategist

"I was able to see around my blindspots and I feel SO MUCH MORE confident with my messaging now!"

Before our call, I was feeling really frustrated with my messaging. I think that I knew the feeling or idea that I wanted to communicate but I had no idea HOW to do it. Suzy really helped me to unf*ck my own head by being plainly honest and yet so kind all at the same time.

She asked me questions about myself and my business that no one else ever has. Plus, she has this ability to see beneath the surface of words and ideas and go straight into truth and revelation. It is a marvel to watch in action!

Not only was I able to see around my own corners and blindspots, but I feel SO MUCH MORE confident about my messaging now. The key to my own magic kingdom was in her expert questions.

Jayaleigh Bowen

Jayaleigh Bowen,  Master Channel and Soul Coach

"Suzy is way more than just a copywriter -- she can feel into your soul's true essence and mission!"

My work is quite esoteric and energetic so I was having some challenges describing exactly what I can do for people. I also have a tendency to be a perfectionist and I end up using too many words and going off on tangents.

I hired Suzy to help me give people a better understanding of who I am and the life-changing transformations I can provide for them -- and she was the absolute best! I absolutely loved my experience working with her.

She was able to translate not only what I do, but also who I am and what I stand for, so I can begin to draw in the people I am meant to serve on a high level. The whole experience was actually incredibly healing because there was an area of my life history that I was quietly hiding and judging myself for, and she identified it, drew it out, and completely flipped my perspective on it.

Now I feel confident about my messaging, able to convey the power of my work in a more laser-focused way, and I'm also confident in myself and the fact that I don't need to "try so hard" to get my message across. I'm feeling super excited to fully embody myself, my work and my messaging, and the type of soulmate clients it is now attracting.

Suzy is way more than just a copywriter -- she is an empath and channel who can feel into your soul's true essence and mission. I truly can't recommend this divine beautiful expert enough.

Emma Tynan

Emma Tynan, Visibility Coach and Speaker

"In a sentence... Suzy is magic!"

After spending time in Suzy's energy your words will sound like fire, like who you really were before the world told you to be “quiet and nice”.

You’ll have words and language that powerfully activate the souls of your dream clients and just CLICK.

You’ll have words that have resonance and sell your offerings and convert in seconds…

In essence, she’ll translate the language that's in your Soul and show you your powers that were there inside you all along.

In a sentence... Suzy is magic! Work with her now!

Jennifer Gluckow

Jennifer Gluckow, Global Sales Expert and Bestselling Author of "Sales in a NY Minute"

"Suzy's copy banked us multiple 5 figures in sales!"

Suzy’s copy banked us multiple 5 figures in sales over a long weekend and skyrocketed our mailing list engagement!

Plus, her knack for offering high-level messaging strategy, and her ability to identify powerful, relatable stories that deeply connect with your audience is incredible.

Thanks to her help with storytelling, I was ALSO able to rock one of the biggest onstage talks I’ve ever delivered — it was a massive moment in my career!

Yasmine Salem Hamdan

Yasmine Salem Hamdan, lawyer for coaches and creatives, and founder of Coaches and Company

"Working with Suzy was nothing short of wonderful!"

Before working with Suzy, I had an idea of the kind of message I wanted to convey, but I wasn't sure how to deliver it. My copy was non-existent as my website needed a complete makeover!

I decided to get help from Suzy based on her track record of helping women and business owners like me, and because of her ability to convey a message in a creative and effortless way.

I loved meeting with her virtually, and that she intentionally created a space where I could brain dump all the things I had in my mind! Together we worked through it all together in order to identify what we needed to focus on during our time together.

The experience was nothing short of wonderful. It helped me gain so much clarity in my messaging and in how to better communicate with my audience.

Now, I love my messaging and copy, and I can't wait to share it with the world! Suzy, you're the best! Thank you!!!

"What I got was so much more than web copy!"

Where do I start? Suzy is a master at what she does! She put me at ease the minute we started working together and I quickly felt like I was working with a friend.  With her expert listening and observation skills, she was able to quickly and intuitively “get me”. 

She knows just the right amount of push that is needed to get you to break through and doesn’t stop until she gets to the core. It was just what I needed.

When we met, I had a draft of the copy for my website. I knew roughly what I wanted to say and didn’t want to say but I did not know how to articulate my message in a way that felt authentic, non-buzzwordy, and succinct. I was also feeling disappointed and discouraged after having hired a copywriter who failed to deliver anything other than edits to my own website copy brainstorm.

Suzy was able to hear what I said -- and what I didn’t say but needed to. She was patient, but held me accountable. She helped me name and claim my value and what I deliver for my clients in a way that sounds and feels like me (but better, lol!)

At the start of our project, all I wanted was a completed website that communicated what I do. What I got was so much more!

Suzy helped bring clarity to the messages that I want to communicate even beyond the written word. The process of working with her also helped to reinforce my value.

I now feel confident that I have a foundation of work and new skills to leverage as I build and grow my business. She opened my eyes wide to the difference between copywriting and messaging, and to the power of owning and expressing WHO I am and WHY I do what I do. Thank you, Suzy!

Angela Mastandrea, Creative Operations Consultant,

Sara Loureiro

Sara J. Loureiro, Certified Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Suzy opened my eyes to how little of "me" I was sharing in my messaging!

Before I worked with Suzy, I was feeling like I knew how to write sales pages and emails, but I didn't know how to do those 1% tweaks that would make so much more of a difference. Plus, I simply didn't have the energy to devote to them in my business anymore.

The sales page that Suzy worked her magic on was definitely light years better than the one I made on my own. But mostly, working with her also helped me feel so much more confident in my launch!

I especially loved all of the prework Suzy got me to do - it really opened my eyes to how little of me I was sharing and how much improvement I could be making to my day to day copy!

After getting her help, I made the most revenue ever for my group program, and I'm now on track to make six figures in course sales alone!

Damaly Shepherd

Damaly Shepherd, Brand Portrait Photographer,

Damaly's website draws in absolute dream clients...

Before, my copy was okay, but I wanted my website to really be a piece of me that pulled in my ideal client. Working with Suzy was amazing -- I felt like she truly understood me and my business.

She didn’t just give me great, professional copy; she also helped me flesh myself out by guiding me to get so much clearer on who I help and how I help them

I recently had a consult with a dreamy ideal client, who found me on a FB ad. She told me that my website copy spoke directly to her and that's what made her hop on a call after just being acquainted with me. I felt a lot of pride. We worked hard on that copy for it to convey its message and now it's doing its job and turning into money!

Suzy really did capture me and my brand so well -- and even a bit of the me I am now, months later, versus who I was back then, when we wrote it -- which is why it really lands with people now.

I get compliments on my copy all the time -- Suzy is magical to work with and absolutely worth the investment!

Carina Lawson

Carina Lawson, Business Mentor, Time Management Expert, and Creator of the award-winning Ponderlily Planner

"My new website copy is PERFECT!"

OMG. So. Much. Support. Let's be clear that Suzy did a lot more than write my website copy -- she really took the time to learn more about my business, my motivation behind getting started, and how I could really help my clients. We also talked about my offers and how they could be best positioned to attract my ideal clients. I absolutely LOVED working with her.

Before our project I wasn't really aligned with my offer and the way I was about to get started with this business. I was also frustrated and my copy just didn't sit well with me -- it was based on a template that seemed outdated and overdone. Now, it's perfect.

I was able to install my new Home and About page copy into my website and I couldn't be happier. The messaging is spot-on, sounds like me, and attracts my ideal client.

Plus, Suzy helped me develop my offer in a way that was more aligned with my expertise AND she helped me reframe my mindset about pricing, so the copy was really the icing on the cake!

She made me realize my services are needed and could really help people. More importantly, it absolutely lights me up that I get to do what I do -- I can't wait to work with Suzy again!

Jennifer Pielak

Jennifer Pielak, Multidisciplinary Performer and Mentor for Actors, Artists, and Creatives

"Suzy really has a special gift -- everything is flowing so much easier now!"

I WAS TOTALLY STUCK in “rumination hell” and extremely frustrated about my core messaging before working with Suzy. I was trying to refine one of my offers and I kept finding myself writing and writing and going around in circles. Finally, I realized that I actually hadn't clarified my core messaging - who I am, my story, what I'm about, what I stand for, the transformation I want for my clients.

I found Suzy on Instagram and was instantly attracted to her words. She is so down to earth and a very similar personality to me -- highly sensitive, big heart, intelligent, high-achiever, creative, fun and genuine -- and really understands the unique challenges women entrepreneurs and creatives face in showing up and expressing their voices. She listens so well and creates a safe space for this work - which is really needed!

I loved how thorough she was in really getting a sense of me and my business on a deep level. I also loved her personable approach, we had a lot of laughs during our session together.

Her outside, expert eyes are fine-tuned to pulling out what makes YOU and what you have to offer really shine through. Suzy challenged me to be braver, and I really appreciated that. At the end, it was super awe-inspiring watching her write up a Messaging Anchoring Statement for me. She really has a special gift. I felt this huge wave of calm come over me, along with a powerful feeling -- like, "YES. THIS is it. This is who I am in my business and what my business is about."

I feel like everything is flowing so much easier now that I've got everything defined. I feel more confident, clear, and brave and when I sit down to write a newsletter or Instagram post -- the words just come. There is just more momentum and actual movement forward now. No more (metaphorical) ramming my head against a wall. I feel like I have a little Suzy in my head cheering me on and giving me the extra boost I need whenever I write copy and express my voice. Quite honestly, I'm so dang excited about my business and upcoming launch!!!

Suzy didn't just help me with my copy -- she helped me investigate my sense of self-worth in my business. She also helped me see that I wasn't sharing my own stories and experience -- that I was dimming my light. I am grateful that she helped me see this and gave me the safe space to talk this through as well. I've learned that whatever is going on on the inside WILL show up in your copy. And one of the best ways to unblock yourself and set yourself free and move to your next level is to work with another heart-centred human being who can help you see what you aren't seeing. It's GOLD.

Now, I feel like I've found a secret hidden gem in the female entrepreneur copywriting space, and Suzy continues to inspire me. She is magical and down-to-earth at the same time, and here to lift us all up and to help us do the best work we can do -- so we can make money and feel freedom and help make a positive impact on the world. You are in the BEST hands with Suzy. If your gut is saying you should work with her, or you've suddenly stumbled on her work -- it's definitely the universe telling you to go for it.