What if you could ditch the guesswork and easily create client-attracting web copy that actually captures your brilliance?

web copy that 


The 3-Day Bootcamp (May 3 - 5, 2022) for creatives, coaches, and service providers who want web copy that brings in MORE hot leads and sales while they sleep

Suzy Cater

Can I be real with you?

Despite all the online marketing craziness (and ever-changing algorithms!), there’s one thing nobody’s arguing with:

A powerful, attention-grabbing website is a massive MARKETING asset that every business owner serious about scaling their impact and income online (without burnout) needs.

Only trouble is, too many entrepreneurs...

---> Believe that writing their copy will be hard and time-consuming...

---> Have no idea what exactly to share on their website (or where to put it!)...

---> Let their nasty inner critic shake their confidence and stop them from hitting "publish" on anything...

And as a result, they fall down a 

swirling WEBSITE BLACK hole

You knowwwww — where weird stuff happens, and somehow, before they know it...

It's been MONTHS (or even years!) since they said they'd update their copy and still almost nothing whatsoever has happened with it

They feel embarrassed and hesitant to share whenever people want to see their site or they need to direct a potential client there

They have to hustle on social media way more than they should, because their content needs to convey everything their web copy DOESN'T

They see other people easily get clients and visibility opportunities after people rave over their web copy and wish that could happen to them

Sound familiar?

(And would you love for there to be a better option...?)

Because what if your website did WAY more heavy lifting when it came to selling your offers and programs?

Meaning: that YOU wouldn't need to...

Work so hard to communicate your awesomeness

(Because hello, now people just have to see your home page to start soaking up your brilliance, honey!)

Feel like you have to “prove yourself” on sales calls 

(No need — because your epic new site makes it so dang clear what you do and how great your results are!)

Always be showing up online in order to sell 

(Instead, you send traffic to your site, and it hooks and starts nurturing your dream prospects for you!)

The fact of the matter is, you're too darn busy to be spending so much time marketing your business.

Aaaaaand if there’s one tried-and-tested online marketing asset that DOESN'T require daily efforting...

... but that virtually ALL major brands believe it worthwhile to invest in (and which has outlasted basically every digital marketing trend out there!)...

That would be your WEBSITE.

Would you love web copy that connects deeply with your dream clients and gets them ready (and pumped!) to buy from you?

Then, crack open the Veuve Cliquot, darling — 'coz you're in the right place!

Hey there!

I'm Dr. Suzy Cater.

I'm an expert in thought leadership messaging and conversion copywriting, and I'm here to help you use your words to skyrocket your business profits and turn your website into a dream client MAGNET.

But first, let me address the elephant in the room…

The online space is fast-moving, you’ve got a million things on your to-do list, and you’ve probably been told by at least one online coach to FIND YOUR QUICKEST PATH TO CASH AND SALES.

The problem with that approach (Launch launch! Sell sell! Hustle hustle!) is that it's also usually a fast-track to burnout and exhaustion.

Whereas, if you want to grow your online business over the long-term, and NOT always have to show up or post on social multiple times a day in order to sell…

Then you can bet your bottom dollar that creating OUTSTANDING copy and messaging (for a website that 90% of your prospective clients will undoubtedly check out…) should absolutely be a top priority for you.

Suzy Cater

See how incredible copy changed things for my clients...

Elisa Canali


Business Coach

In my first month of working with Suzy, I sold a quarter of a million dollars! I also claimed my own MAGIC and fully owned my gifts. Suzy helped me pour fire into my messaging and saw possibilities in me that I hadn’t dared claim yet. Plus, the copy she created for me helped me sell out three high-ticket group programs (and counting...!), and the caliber of women we attracted was next level!

Jayaleigh Bowen


Soul Coach and Channel

Suzy helped me translate not only what I do, but also who I am and what I stand for, so I can draw in the people I am meant to serve on a high level. The whole experience was actually incredibly healing... Suzy's more than just a copy genius - she's an empath and channel who can feel into your soul's true essence and mission. I can't recommend this divine beautiful expert enough!

Damaly Shepherd


Portrait Photographer

Suzy is magical to work with! It was an amazing experience — I felt like she truly understood me and my business. Not only did she give me copy and messaging that helped me regularly close paid-in-full 4-figure packages (and which made getting on sales calls a breeze!), but she saw what I was stepping into and helped me claim it, in language that truly lands with people I love working with.

Here are a few reasons why me and soooo many of my clients (!) are in LOVE with having words that legit convert on our websites:


It’s like pouring the power of conversion sales copy into YOUR ENTIRE SITE

Think: completely cold leads booking sales calls — where they then sign on for $3K+ packages — after just one website visit! (NB: This regularly happens for me and my clients...)


Your business will feel like it has a rock-solid foundation

You'll finally have an online home that distills the essence of your brand into concise, compelling words you're proud of, and which give you energy and inspiration each time you read them.


It opens doors to a huge range of possibilities

Because with the right web copy, not only will you sign up more leads and clients, but you’ll also likely field more swoonworthy podcast and guest speaker requests, that expand the reach and impact of your brand.


It'll save you SO MUCH time

No more repeating yourself in every sales call or social post — everything your people need to know will be right there, and it’ll also repel the wrong people, so you don’t waste time on prospects who aren't a good fit!

Ready to discover how to create next-level, high-converting web copy for yourself in my 3-Day Bootcamp?

Web Copy that CONVERTS

The 3-Day Bootcamp (May 3 - 5, 2022) for creatives, coaches, and service providers, who want to upgrade their web copy to bring in MORE hot leads and sales while they sleep

Suzy Cater

Suzy Cater

Do you ever wish that someone would just tell you exactly what goes into creating high-converting website copy, WITHOUT you having to drop thousands of dollars on a copywriter (and still walk away unsure how to do it yourself...)?

I hear ya… and that’s exactly why I created this bootcamp!

Over three value-packed days, I’m going to be handing over a bunch of my best insights, tips, and resources for creating incredible web copy — copy which doesn’t just sound great, but that ALSO majorly moves the needle for your business profits!

If you’re ready to upgrade the words on your website so they instantly connect with your dream customers, bring in lots more sales and sign ups, and make your life a WHOLE LOT EASIER… this is for you!

Words from past workshop attendees:

Suzy really helped me own my unique way of seeing and doing things. Not only did that obviously help me bring in more aligned clients, but it made me feel more confident about who I am and what I’m here to share. Thanks to her, I’ve definitely tightened my copy!

Dr. Sarah Coxon

Business Mentor for Magical Women

Suzy is a rare gem and more of what the world needs right now - someone who can help empower other business owners through the power of words and connection. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very kind and encouraging, and is a UNICORN at copywriting!

Lynne Stukart

Sound Therapist and Musician’s Coach

Suzy has provided REAL, authentic, no BS ways to own my thought leadership and share my voice in a way that connects me with my people and lands business. Her copy insights are MAGIC, as is she. Thank you for helping me share my genius in a FUN way! 

Jaclyn Bradley


Here’s what you get when you sign up today...

Web Copy That Converts is a LIVE 3-Day Bootcamp (with replay access!) that gives you the info you really need to create copy that actually turns more of your site visitors into leads and paying clients

Suzy Cater


How to instantly hook your website visitors (and lower your bounce rates!)

May 3 @ 1PM Eastern (includes replay access)

We’ll kick off by showing you how to immediately grab your reader’s attention and get them excited!

You’ll figure out the Big Sexy Promise that's gonna underpin all your copy, plus how to clarify it so you reel in the right people right off the bat.

I’ll show you how to tweak your copy so it appeals to people with a ready-to-invest mindset, and also give you an easy way to break writer’s block around your tagline.

After this training, you’ll feel confident that your ideal clients will be instantly intrigued and magnetized by your site!

Suzy Cater


How to get your readers to take the (money-making!) actions YOU want 

May 4 @ 1PM Eastern (includes replay access)

Next up, you’ll learn some expert tricks for how to use your copy to get readers to sign up for your list, book a sales call, buy something… basically, whatever you want!

But DON'T WORRY — I won't be teaching you sleazy selling, pushiness, or ick bro marketing tactics to do this.

Instead, I’ll show you how to align your calls-to-action with a copy strategy that’s 100% in integrity and that's also perfectly suited to meet your unique business where it's at and AMPLIFY its success.

No hard selling… just lots more easy conversions!!!

Suzy Cater


How to write profit-generating web copy faster and more easily

May 5 @ 1PM Eastern (includes replay access)

On day 3, I’ll show you how to overcome the no. 1 struggle that keeps most entrepreneurs stuck and staring at a blank screen when it comes to their web copy.

You’ll also learn my best tips for creating high-converting web copy FASTER — so you can stop hitting that “Delete” button and get your upgraded site written, published, and making you more money, stat.

Plus, you’ll walk away from the session with your web copy game plan clear and all mapped out.

Not only will you know WHAT you need to write, but you’ll feel clear on WHERE to put it for your site to attract more leads like clockwork!

create Your Client-Attracting web copy!

web copy that 


The 3-Day Bootcamp (May 3 - 5, 2022) for creatives, coaches, and service providers who are ready to learn what's working NOW with website copy, so you can bring in more sales with less effort

And I'm throwing in these powerful bonuses too!

I want to be sure that you get your profit-generating new copy out there as soon as possible, which is why I'm handing over these game-changing shortcuts to make it even easier...

BONUS 1: Members portal with replays and downloads

Revisit the training anytime you want

Let's be clear — I definitely encourage you to show up live each day to get maximum benefit from the bootcamp. (And have me answer your Q’s and help you!)

But hey, I also know that life happens. Plus I know that you’ll likely want to go back and rewatch any gems you missed on your own time...

That’s why after the bootcamp is over, you’ll have access to a private members’ portal where you can watch the trainings and access all the resources whenever you like. No expiring replays here!

BONUS 2: Tagline Inspiration Swipe File

Finally create a website tagline you adore

One of the hardest things about creating web copy is coming up with an inspired tagline that resonates with your dream customers, right?

WRONG — not with my Tagline Inspiration Swipe File in your back pocket!

This value-packed bonus will see you walking away with my very best tagline templates, examples, and tips, so you can easily whip up a attention-grabbing tagline that makes your soulmate clients say, "Tell me more!”

BONUS 3: Web Copy Game Plan Blueprint

Know what to include in your copy to make it irresistible

Ever tried to start writing your web copy and then been like, “where do I even start?!” Well, say goodbye to that pesky confusion — I’ve got you covered!

Throughout the bootcamp we’ll fill out your blueprint together, so when you finish the three days, you’ll be clear on exactly what needs to happen for you to whip up the next-level copy you want (which brings in sales while you sleep!)

BONUS 4: Benefits That Blow Them Away Cheatsheet

Know exactly what to highlight about your work to make your audience swoon

Ever struggled with knowing how to translate the absolute awesomeness of what you do into copy that truly captures your magic?

Darling, you are NOT alone — and that’s where this cheatsheet is going to be a gamechanger for you!

It’ll take you from not feeling sure what to promise or highlight, to feeling confident that your web copy actually does justice to your brilliance!

BONUS 5: Personal Messaging Feedback in our Exclusive Facebook Community

Get live support, accountability, and 1:1 messaging feedback from me and my team

Isn't it sooo frustrating when you buy a training and then get left to implement it totally by yourself?

Well, not on my watch, friend! Each day of the bootcamp, I'll give you a short action task to complete and prompt you to post it in the group… and my team and I will give you feedback on whatever you share!

No need to drop thousands of dollars to receive advice from an expert copywriter -- this is included as part of your bootcamp ticket!

Ready to wave goodbye to the marketing and sales overwhelm, and create web copy that does more of the hard work for you?

Here's what's waiting for you when you grab your ticket to the bootcamp:

DAY 1: How to instantly hook your website visitors (and lower your bounce rates!) (Valued at $497)

DAY 2: How to get your readers to take the (money-making!) actions YOU want (Valued at $497)

DAY 3: How to write profit-generating web copy faster and more easily (Valued at $497)

BONUS 1: Members portal with replays and downloads 

(Valued at $97)

BONUS 2: Tagline Inspiration Swipe File (Valued at $97)

BONUS 3: Web Copy Game Plan Blueprint (Valued at $97)

BONUS 4: Benefits That Blow Them Away Cheatsheet (Valued at $97)

BONUS 5: Personal Messaging Feedback in our Exclusive Facebook Community (Valued at $97)

Total Value: $1,976

Today's Price: Just $37

*This is a special offer at $37 and the price will be going up in the future. You don't want to miss this opportunity!

And in case you need a (loving!) push to believe in yourself, here's my... 

Buy It + Totally Love It Money Back GUARANTEE

money back



I guarantee that you'll walk away from this bootcamp with a TON of actionable takeaways.

If, for some reason, you don't feel like you received any value from it, you can get a full refund within 7 days after the bootcamp start date.


All you have to do is email my support at team@suzycater.com, showing that you watched the trainings and completed the homework tasks, and we'll give you your money back.

Does that sound fair?


Take a look at more of my client wins and shares!

Suzy's live trainings are so good that I've bought tickets to some of them twice! I always come away with so many golden nuggets, and I love how the way she teaches is never overwhelming, but really simple and fun!

Martha Cristina Garza

Luxury Branding Strategist

Emma Tynan

After time in Suzy's energy your words will sound like fire, like who you really were before the world told you to be 'quiet and nice'. You’ll have words and language that activate the souls of your dream clients and just click - in a sentence, she's magic!


business coach

Suzy is a copy wizard! She gives you the tools, confidence and excitement to find for yourself the best words to attract your soul-aligned clients, so you can draw in the people you're truly meant to serve. It's an honor to work with her!



Copy is a living, breathing thing, and Suzy brings out magic with it! Her live trainings are a great way to work through your own words and also watch her in action with others: helping you better understand how to bring power, authenticity, and exciting copy to life in real time!



Ramona Freedman

Suzy is the most amazing mentor I have met, and her teachings are a true vortex for expansion! She'll help you get clear on what you stand for, embrace who you are, and have your business messaging and copy truly support you. Thank you so much, Suzy!

Ramona Freedman

Intuitive Business Coach

I’ve never felt good at writing copy, but Suzy's trainings have given me hope! She has a real knack for such a simple analysis of what people do and why — for the first time ever, I see how I could talk about my work in a way that’s compelling and feels true to me. I'm so happy! 



Suzy Cater

Got Q's? I've got answers!

Who’s a good fit for this program?

This program is perfect for you if you are a creative, coach or service provider, and are looking to grow your online business without working so much.

If you currently have a website and business, but your site isn’t doing as good a job as you’d like of bringing you clients, leads, and sales, this bootcamp is perfect for you!

If you don’t yet have a website, you can also benefit hugely from the teachings in the bootcamp, but I do recommend that you already have a pretty clear idea of your niche and target customer in order to get maximum benefit from it.

When and where is the bootcamp happening?

The bootcamp will be happening from May 3 - 5, 2022.

All the live trainings will be delivered at 1PM Eastern via Zoom. If you can’t make them live, you’ll be sent a link later that day to watch the replay.

You’ll also get access to an exclusive Facebook group for the duration of the bootcamp, where you’ll get feedback on your daily homework tasks, and receive extra accountability, cheering on, and support!

How much time will I need to set aside for the bootcamp?

Each of the daily trainings will include a 45 minute presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A, and the short daily homework tasks should take around 10-20 minutes to complete.

Altogether, you’ll probably spend about 3-4 hours total on the trainings and homework tasks over the course of the three days.

Then you’ll walk away knowing how to create your own high-converting website copy!

How much of a difference can great web copy make?

After working with me, my clients have seen dramatic increases in their opt-in sign ups, sales call bookings, and client numbers.

Many of my clients have also had people specifically mention how compelling their copy was on sales calls, and have found themselves easily selling $3K+ packages to cold leads who only just encountered their work and website.

This is also the copywriting process that I have used personally to grow my business to 6+ figures, even with a toddler at home and very limited working hours.

Do you offer a guarantee?


I guarantee that you'll walk away from this bootcamp with a ton of actionable takeaways.

If, for some reason, you don't feel like you received any value from it, you can get a full refund within 7 days after the bootcamp start date.

All you have to do is email my support at team@suzycater.com, showing that you watched the trainings and completed all the homework tasks, and we'll give you your money back.

Suzy Cater

Your showstopper web copy — that brings in MORE leads and sales —  is waiting!

And the best part is, the bootcamp will give you SO MANY game-changing insights in little more than an hour a day, over just three days!

---> What would it feel like to know that you now have proven copywriting strategies in your back pocket, that you can 
use again and again to attract more clients with less effort?

---> What would it feel like to
no longer have to GUESS what to do with your copy in order to have words that actually convert on your website?

---> And what would it feel like to know that you don’t have to show up so much in order to bring in leads and cash, because
your web copy is doing the hard work for you?

Pretty blooming brilliant, if you ask me.

I’m SO excited to share this knowledge with you, and to help you upgrade your web copy to bring in more conversions, because I know firsthand what a gamechanger for your business — and let’s face it, life — this can be.

It’s time to kiss goodbye to the copywriting confusion and get yourself high-converting web copy that consistently brings in more leads and sales.

You ready? Let’s go!

More Shares From My Clients

Swapna Patel

"Suzy's teachings on web copy are laser-focused and action-oriented! I feel more confident in my messaging now than ever before, have a clear action plan and vision, and can't wait to implement everything I learned!"



Caitlin Teixeira

"Suzy kicks butt - I loved seeing her whip through attendee Q's and deliver insightful A's in record time! I'd been banging my head against a wall with my writing and words, but this workshop helped break the cycle!"


Business COACH

Juli Isola

"Before absorbing Suzy's insights about web copy, I honestly didn't know what to say about what I did. Afterward, I rewrote my website in 3 days! Best money I have ever spent for my business besides purchasing my camera!"

Juli isola


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