Where we weave high-impact, proven copywriting strategies together with potent energy work and game-changing 1:1 feedback to give you all the web copy support you could ever need to grow your business

"I've doubled my email community and sold thousands of dollars!"

Brooke Adams Law, Author, Publisher and Writer's Coach

"For about three years, I was so embarrassed about my website that I never linked to it. Ever. The copy was so outdated that I felt ashamed every time I thought about it!

But after Web Copy Magic, I completely rewrote and revamped my website -- and within a week of sharing my new site, I had made my first-ever direct sale (without a sales call) for $797!

I then switched my mastermind sales process from 1:1 sales calls to using a sales page (I used a template from Web Copy Magic), saving myself 20+ hours and selling thousands of dollars. Plus, the lead magnet support helped me finally get my new quiz going, and I've now almost doubled my email community!"

"The ROI on my investment with Suzy is in the double digits!"

Jaclyn Bradley, Financial Advisor Coach

"This program is a GAME CHANGER! As an entrepreneur, I'm pulled in many directions, and writing website copy that encapsulated my personality and my company's personality, while giving credit to the impactful work we do, was daunting.

Suzy's approach combines the most up-to-date ways to write genuine and compelling copy along with ways to simplify the process. I have not only walked away with my website copy complete, but I am clearer and clearer on the impact of my work and how to message that impact to convert sales.

The ROI on this investment alone is in the double digits. Suzy has saved me SO much time and energy. She is a wizard with words and a wizard with websites!"

Suzy Cater

Ready to ditch the guesswork and give your business the exquisite online presence it needs to soar?

Because it's about time you honored the magic that you and your work bring to the world, with copy that... 

  • Captures your BIGNESS and the brilliance of what you create
  • Takes a stand for everything you do and believe in
  • Brings more dream, aligned clients into your life (without you needing to spend so much time marketing...!)
  • Powerfully establishes your expertise, so you easily attract more authority-building visibility opportunities

Sounds pretty dreamy, am I right? 

Only trouble is (womp womp...!) I believe that the copywriting industry is


when it comes to offering the support you need to achieve all those scrummy things. And that's because...

Very few copywriting courses out there specifically focus on how to create website copy

Instead, they offer more general tips ("write like you talk!"), or one-size-fits-all templates that often fail to capture the true nuances of your work (and which aren't even always well-suited to your particular business!)

A lot of copywriters are great writers but DON'T know how to successfully teach you to write better

To be blunt: they're writers, not teachers, with little experience in effective course design. (P.s.: whereas I'm an award-winning teacher who's taught writing to hundreds of university students AND I know my sh*t about copywriting...)

Most copywriting programs skip over the powerful MESSAGING work that you really need clarity on

Which is a problem, because you NEED to feel grounded and confident in expressing what's magical and unique about your work, in order for your copy to bring in more high-caliber, genuinely aligned clients

When it comes to what happens after your copy is written, most programs leave you on your own

Meaning: you rarely receive 1:1 feedback on your copy as it continues to evolve, or learn key follow-up strategies like how to increase traffic to your site or how to better leverage your lead magnets (causing you to leave $$$ on the table!)

And on top of that, lots of copywriting programs are so flipping enormous that it's super easy to...

  • Get lost in the crowd (meaning that you're less likely to finish the course...)
  • Have zero contact with the program creator 
  • Feel like you need to shout at the top of your voice to get heard in the (crazy busy!) Facebook group 
  • Find yourself on office hour calls with hundreds of other people, where you have to submit your work ahead of time and *maybe* you’ll get picked once to receive some feedback

Well, that's not happening on my watch, friend...

Hey there! I'm Dr. Suzy Cater.

I'm an acclaimed expert in conversion copy and messaging, who's helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs worldwide use the power of their words to skyrocket their business profits.

With degrees from the University of Oxford and N.Y.U. under my belt, I've won awards for my research articles and teaching, appeared on numerous podcasts, and written and consulted for startups, national franchises, international charities, and leading EdTech companies, as well as New York Times bestselling authors.

I also know that writing about your gifts and the work you adore goes DEEP, which is why I love bringing in energy work and channeling to help you:

  • Rekindle your creative fire and connect to your intuition
  • Light up your inspiration and confidence in your own brilliance
  • Let go of the inhibitions that can keep you from playing as big as you truly want to with your voice

Ready to speak up the way you feel called to... so your copy can call in more of the aligned clients you really desire to work with?

In my work with visionary women entrepreneurs and creatives, soooo many of my clients have experienced:

  • Their most successful launches EVER (because better messaging = easier sales!)
  • Sold-out group programs (sometimes with waiting lists!) 
  • Getting fully-booked with 1:1 customers 
  • Scrapping time-consuming sales calls, to successfully sell high-ticket packages straight from their sites
  • Their highest-ever revenue months (and even years!) in their businesses
  • Totally upleveling the caliber of clients they attract
  • Massively building their email list with increased opt-in rates and much stronger lead magnets

... and MORE!

Seriously...! Hear What My Clients Say

"I sold out my group program with a waiting list in just a few days!"

Lauren Levine, Mindful Movement Mentor

"After taking Suzy's program on website copy and getting her feedback on my sales pages, I not only successfully launched my new membership program, but also sold out my high-ticket group program (with a waiting list) in just a few days!

Suzy has an intuitive ability to tap into what motivates ME, and guided me to a soul-aligned place where I can not only hear, but also SPEAK my truth and desires. This has brought a deeper connection drawing more of my soul clients into my life. 

Suzy has also amazed me by making writing copy FUN -- working with her was such a gift for me!"

"I've spent a lot of time and money trying to get this right - but I've never had something come together like this!"

Jen Walthers, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Expert

"I am so grateful for everything that's come together for me in Web Copy Magic... and I'm amazed at Suzy's ability to listen attentively and then pull out the exact message I need to share in my copy! 

I've spent a lot of time and money trying to get this right - but I've never had something come together like this. Seriously, she is MAGIC! 💥

Since our work together, I'm writing less but I've got people reaching out to work with me more - my workshops have filled up, I've doubled the number of 1-1 clients I'm serving, and opportunities to speak and teach to other people's audiences land in my inbox regularly! Thank you, Suzy!"

"My website copy made getting on sales calls a breeze!"

Damaly Shepherd, Brand Portrait Photographer

"Suzy is magical to work with and absolutely worth the investment! Working with her was amazing — I felt like she truly understood me and my business.

Not only did she give me website copy and messaging that helped me regularly close paid-in-full 4-figure packages (and which made getting on sales calls a breeze!), but she saw what I was stepping into and helped me claim it, in language that truly landed with the people I most love working with!"

Let me be straight with you:

I'd love for you to run your business with a sense of calm and drama-free groundedness: with the confidence that your messaging is 100% on point to attract more of your ideal, aligned clients… 

... and that your web copy is beautifully optimized and working to draw them in 24/7 for you (even when you’re tucked up in bed, watching Netflix in your pjs and cozy socks…!)

I'm also here to reassure YOU that writing your web copy does not have to be a painful, drawn-out process that takes months or even years.

Instead, I'm here to be your partner in getting that showstopper copy done, dusted, and working to grow your business for you in a matter of WEEKS. (Really!)

My own high-converting (and extremely profitable!) web copy has enabled me to rapidly - and easefully - scale my business, even as...

  • A new mama with basically no childcare for nearly a year during the pandemic (and now: a second mischievous kiddo crawling around!)
  • An introvert and highly sensitive person who doesn't love showing up on social media 
  • An intuitive creative who wants to conserve energy (and time!) for my own, non-business creative projects, like writing my novel and building my veggie garden

Now I want similar ease and growth for you...!

Suzy Cater

Imagine if...

Words could just pour out of you, and writing your copy felt fun and inspiring (instead of like trudging up a hill!)

Because you now have an incredible toolkit of creativity-sparking copy resources, plus consistent, personal feedback on your words, to help you with your copy needs at every phase of your business' growth and evolution

You could benefit from my YEARS of expertise as a conversion copywriter, without paying my 1:1 prices

No more DIYing or going it alone - instead, you have everything you might need, in easy-to-implement trainings and with regular 1:1 brainstorming and feedback opportunities that make you 100X better at expressing your magic

Your new copy could be DONE, published on your site, and bringing you in so many more leads and ideal clients

BONUS: no more worrying about whether those new clients will be a good fit, appreciate you, or pay your prices, because your copy is so strategic (not to mention, different energetically!) that it only attracts the right people now!

Plus, you’ve been able to achieve all of this without the grim, wading-through-quicksand feeling that writing copy may have given you in the past…

Because instead, you’ve used the...

  • potent energy activations

  • expertly-designed copy trainings and resources (created by an award-winning former professor!)

  • zero-judgment, regular opportunities for 1:1 feedback and brainstorming 

... to pull together aligned words that feel almost like you whipped them up by MAGIC.

Suzy Cater

In a nutshell, Web Copy Magic is where you bring ALL OF YOURSELF to the table and pour the essence of who you are and what you do into copy that's unforgettable.

It's where you get the next, epic version of your web copy WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED on your website as soon as possible... 

... while also receiving all the resources and personal feedback you need to easily create more web pages, sales copy for quick cash injections, and high-converting landing pages and lead magnets to grow a bigger audience in the future.

Without the guesswork. Without needing to purchase another program.

And without trying to fit your magical, multifaceted self into somebody else’s too small box, that will never allow you to fully shine in the brilliant way you're supposed to.

"“I had been needing to re-do my website copy for years, and I now have copy ready to go!"

Karen Kuchel, Designer and Artist

"Suzy's program was amazing on so many levels. I had been needing to redo my website for years but just couldn’t get clarity about how to arrange it or what to offer. I also dreaded writing anything, let alone writing about and promoting myself!

But after just two weeks of the program, I had decisions - and this glimmer of confidence that it was possible to make this huge shift and present it to the world in a way that felt really good to me.

And with all the amazing strategies Suzy gave us, I felt like I had this very clear path about what to prioritize and include, and how to arrange the information, and I now have copy ready to go! On the one hand, I’m blown away, but then when I look at the genius of the way Suzy put everything together I’m not - she made it so EASY! Like wow!"

"The sales page we created is calling in beautifully-aligned clients!"

Jess Keating, Author, Scientist, and Money Mentor

"Where to begin on Suzy's brilliance? She is the perfect combination of nerdy wordsmithery and intuitive know-how! She helped me come up with clear language and ideas that resonate beautifully with the creative badasses who work with me.

The sales page we created feels like a living document that truly expresses my work, and it's still calling in beautifully-aligned clients to this day!"

Web Copy MAGIC

A self-paced program for coaches, creatives, and service providers who want to create their next-level web copy from a soul-aligned place, while also equipping themselves with ample personal support and all the resources they might need to upgrade it in the future

Suzy Cater

Here's how it all breaks down

When you join Web Copy Magic, this transformative, self-paced program will give you...


→ Expertly-designed, no-fluff copywriting trainings that show you exactly how to create the most important sections of your website (and customize them to suit YOUR unique business!), PLUS walk you through how to write and lay out your copy most effectively, so you make more sales and also increase your conversions


→ TONS of real-life copy + web page examples drawn from Suzy’s clients and past websites, so you can see multiple examples of how a wide range of ACTUAL online businesses at different stages of growth have put the copy and messaging strategies you’ll learn into practice (yup, you can forget one-size-fits-all solutions - we're going bespoke here, baby!)


→ An Energy Activation Audio Suite with powerful meditations designed to help you write each of the specific sections of your website (and more!) from a place of inspired FLOW, supporting you to get out of your head, to reconnect to your intuition and inner knowing, and to make key decisions about your site from a deeper, more soul-aligned perspective


→ Incredible copy prompts, templates, and mix 'n' match web page section ideas that will inspire you to create highly strategic copy, which reads as completely unique and heartfelt, AND also feels fast and non-overwhelming to create


→ Monthly Q&A Days on Voxer, where you can message Suzy 1:1 with any quick questions or requests for feedback you have as you initially work through the course, once you've tested your copy and want to optimize it, and then whenever you want to update your site again in the future!


→ A private Facebook Community where you can drop any of your copy Q's outside of the monthly Q&A days, and also connect with other awesome, like-minded entrepreneurs (p.s. this is a super intimate group, so you do NOT have to fight to get noticed, and your questions will be answered directly by Suzy!)

Plus, here's a sneak preview of the GOLD that each of the copywriting trainings will be dropping:


Magnetic Messaging Foundations

Would you love to make EVERYTHING you write for your business stronger and clearer, in addition to your web copy? Well, that's exactly what this module will help you do, darling! You'll walk away with utter clarity on your unique positioning, gifts, ideal clients and more, so that ALL your messaging becomes more powerful, faster to create, and wayyy better at bringing you sales.


Your Awesome “About Me” Section

Let's be real: writing about yourself in your copy is frigging hard, and loads of us sell ourselves short in the process. This module will CHANGE that. Not only will it help you build real connection with your people, but it'll show you how to emphatically claim your authority and build credibility in a way that makes potential clients deeply respect you and willingly pay your prices.


offer + SALES Copy that Sells

Hold on to your hats! This module is where I break down the (100% non-slimy!) offer and sales copy strategies that have helped my clients make multiple sales from a single email, sell out their programs, get fully booked, and hugely increase their revenue. (Frankly, if the course only included THIS module, it would still pay for itself, because it shows you how to use your words to describe your offers better and sell more of them!) 


Create a High-Converting Home Page

Here's the deal: your home page is where most of your audience lands, so it needs to appeal to the widest possible range of leads and potential clients. This module will set you up to make sure that it CONVERTS! You'll walk away having taken your home page from a confusing rabbit warren (lol...) to a compelling rabbit hole that your readers can't help but fall down - and fall in love with YOU and all your work in the process! 


Next-level Conversion Copy Secrets

Want to know exactly how to leverage little-discussed web pages such as thank you pages, media pages, and/or your blog to get more clients and leads? Great - because that's precisely what we'll do here! I'll also show you how to write more effective headings, how to create buttons that actually get people to click on them, and how to edit your copy quickly and effectively, without losing your mind and/or the will to continue!


Lead Magnets that Land Better Clients

More honesty: too many entrepreneurs create lead magnets that NEVER actually land them clients, because they don't support their business goals and essentially only draw in freebie hunters. This module will transform that by showing you how to create a freebie that your dream clients legit WANT, and by walking you through how to create opt-in copy (for landing pages & beyond!) that gets more of them signing up to your list. 

P.s. Don't love video trainings? No worries - each module comes with a full transcript of the recordings, so you can choose to read the information instead, AND with all the trainings loaded into a private podcast that you can listen to on the go, on your phone!

OHHHH and did someone say "bonuses"?! Check these beautiful babies out!


Six-figure Sales Page Templates

Ahhhhh - prepare to have your mind BLOWN because the program gives you access to not just one, not two, but three of my most effective ever sales page templates (which have helped my clients sell out their programs within DAYS, get fully booked with 1:1 clients, start waitlists because of the demand for their work, and more!)

PLUS: these aren't just your bog-standard sales page templates with big, confusing empty spaces to fill in either - they come with pre-writing exercises, tons of sentence prompts, examples to inspire you, detailed advice for how to customize and edit them for YOUR unique business, and are incredibly easy to fill out - I've been SO impressed as I've witnessed client after client easily whip up epic sales copy (that gets RESULTS!) after using them! 


Knock-Their-Socks-Off Media Bio Templates

Real talk: your media bio is a MEGA important piece of copy that can massively enhance your credibility with new audiences and help you get a crucial foot in the door when it comes to landing more visibility, media, podcast, and guest expert features.

But... it can also be a complete b*tch to write! And THAT's where this bonus is transformative - because it walks you step-by-step through how to create both a super compelling, long AND short version of an authority-boosting media bio (as well as some creativity-sparking bonus variations!) which you can pop in different places on your site to instantly showcase your expertise and position yourself as ready and available for MORE golden visibility opportunities.

Million-dollar messaging brand book


Million-Dollar Messaging Brand Voice Book

This game-changing book contains a selection of my most powerful messaging questions, which will get you thinking about your audience and brand in completely new (and more profitable!) ways.

Specifically, it'll help you position your brand in a way that makes your dream clients appreciate how incredible and transformational your work is, and that gets the right people super excited to buy from you (even at a higher-ticket price point!) PLUS: you can also return to your brand book again and again for messaging and content inspiration, as well as use it to guide marketing or copywriting hires in the future!


Energy Activation Audio Suite

If there's one thing that sets my approach to copywriting definitively apart from virtually every other copywriter out there, it's the way that I use intuition and channeling to help you create copy that pours straight from your soul (and magnetizes your soulmate clients!) 

These Energy Activation Audios were created specifically to help you have massive breakthroughs and a-has around all the deep stuff (think: your soul gifts and purpose, North Star passion, reclaiming your magic and wholeness, and more...) that will activate you and light up your inspiration so you can express yourself fullthroated in your web copy and BEYOND. 


7 Game-changing Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Site (and Make More Money!) Training

Okay, your incredible new copy is now written... so let's make damn sure that you share it with the world! I want your voice and powerful message to get out there and start making the impact they're supposed to, and I want to make sure that after all the hard work you've put in, people actually VISIT your site and read your amazing words! 

That’s why you'll receive this laser-focused training on how to get more people to your site on a regular basis, so they can dive into your showstopper copy and make the decision to come into your world and work with you!


Eye-Grabbing Copy Formula Blueprint

Let me be blunt: if there's one thing that annoys the hell out of me, it's when gorgeously-written copy is given to a web designer and they make a dog's dinner of laying it out in a way that actually encourages people to read it.

This resource will ensure that you never find yourself in that position by showing you EXACTLY how to lay out and format your copy (so that you can direct your designer or do it yourself...) in a way that looks amazing and that makes the MOST key parts of your message stand the eff out to your reader (because your web designer shouldn't be deciding what to emphasize to your audience, you should!)


Evergreen Access to my beloved Web Copy That Converts Bootcamp

Over one hundred women (and counting!) have gone through this game-changing mini-program that walks you through ALL the key elements you need to know about how to create website copy that actually converts.

If you’ve ever thought about updating your website copy and been like — “Holy crap! Where do I even start?” — then this is the straight-to-the point, perspective-shifting crash course you need.

You’ll be walked through how to quickly pull together an actionable (and PROFITABLE!) web copy game plan for yourself, and finish up with a totally fresh perspective on your website, as well as with new motivation to dive into Web Copy Magic and actually write your copy!

And get ongoing access to TWO safe spaces where you can receive expert feedback on your words! 

Monthly Personal Feedback on Voxer 

Benefit from a second opinion, plus 1:1 strategy, insights, and channeling

One problem that I always experience with office hour calls in group programs is that I can practically NEVER make any of the times. (Client calls, sick kids, time zone issues - so many darn things get in the way!)

So instead of monthly Q&A livestreams or calls, there are monthly Q&A days where I make myself available one-on-one on Voxer (a free app where you can leave voice messages and send texts) to ALL Web Copy Magic clients from 9AM - 5PM Eastern.

You're able to message me privately (so: NOT in any kind of group setting) to ask about anything relating to any of the program modules that you have questions on.

(I usually charge hundreds of dollars an hour for my time, so show up for a couple of these and you'll have got your money's worth from the program in no time!)

Private Community on Facebook 

Grow your network and get support throughout the month

If there's something I'm pretty bloody amazing at (other than copywriting, messaging, and channeling, lol...), it's building INCREDIBLE communities of like-minded creative, intuitive women who deeply connect with and support one other.

This private Facebook community is an ongoing resource that's continuously available to you, where you can get your questions answered by me in between the monthly office hour days. 

It's also a space where you can share your wins, struggles, and thoughts... because at the end of the day, Web Copy Magic isn't just about learning and implementing information. It's also about coming together to have an amazing group experience as you claim the power of your WILD AND WONDROUS voice. 

Finally, these are the brand-new resources that I plan to add to the program by the end of July 2023:

  • Quiz Results Page Template (so you can whip up a powerful quiz lead magnet faster, and in a way that builds deep connection and authority quickly)
  • Tripwire and Upsell Page Templates (so you can better leverage your freebies, gifts at virtual summits etc., and lower-ticket products to make more cash with minimum fuss)
  • Search Engine Optimization Training (so you can set your website up to bring leads in for you, on autopilot, without you even needing to show up on social media at all!)
  • Copywriting and Inclusivity Training (so you can ensure that your website copy is written and formatted to be more inclusive of LGBTQIA+, POC, and neurodivergent individuals)

(FYI - I'm always working on making my programs better, and am super responsive to client requests for further trainings and templates, if you'd love to see something else added!)

Your options:


Sales + Service Page Focus


Or 4 x monthly payments of $137

Mod. 1: Magnetic Messaging Foundations

Mod. 3: Services + Offer Copy that Sells 

Bonus: Six-figure Sales Page Templates


3 x 75 min 1:1 Calls + 3 weeks of 1:1 Voxer Access + Channeled Soul Gift Reading + 1:1 Client Exercises + Everything in Web Copy Magic


Or 2 x monthly payments of $2625

1:1 Voice Messaging Access via Voxer to Suzy for 3 weeks (M, T, W, Th)

3 x 75 min 1:1 Live Writing, Editing and Coaching Calls with Suzy 

1 x 30 min Channeled Soul Gift Reading by Suzy 

Million-Dollar Messaging, Client Clarity, and Life-Mapping Exercises

Review of existing website, sales page, email, and social media copy, as needed

EVERYTHING in the Web Copy Magic Package


Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Access to the course materials will begin on Friday, May 19. (See the FAQ for more details.)

Got Q's? I've got answers!

When will the program content be available and how can I access it?

Access to the program will begin on Friday, May 19, and you’ll be able to access the first two modules immediately. Modules 3 and 4 will be available on May 26, and modules 5 and 6 will be available on June 10. (This is to give you a week off in between modules 4 and 5, so that you can go ahead and draft your new copy or just have a week off!)

All the program trainings will be available as videos in a private membership portal, in audio format as a private podcast, and as written transcripts and slides.

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook community, and be able to have regular Q & A days with Suzy on Voxer (a free app that you download on your phone).

How does the 1:1 support work with the Voxer Days?

Every month, there will be a Voxer Q & A day from 9AM - 5PM Eastern time, where you can message me 1:1 on Voxer to get my feedback and insights on anything that relates to the Web Copy Magic program.

For example, these are opportunities for me perhaps to take a quick look at some new copy you’ve drafted, brainstorm with you about ideas for a new lead magnet, or strategize with you about ways that you could tweak a sales page for increased conversions.

How is this different from your Web Copy Bootcamp program?

The Web Copy Bootcamp program is an amazing crash course in everything it takes to create web copy that actually converts, and will help you put together some draft copy and a powerful website copy game plan for yourself.

Web Copy Magic gives you ALL the support you might need as you actually move forward and implement that game plan, and as your website continues to evolve, alongside your business. 

It provides tons of templates, writing prompts, and inspiring examples, and all the resources you might need to use as you further develop your website beyond your initial game plan.

Web Copy Magic also gives you the opportunity to get regular, low-pressure, 1:1 writing feedback directly from me on an ongoing basis.

It dives deeper into topics such as SEO (so that your website can start bringing in leads all by itself, by showing up in Google search results!) and into inclusive copywriting.

It also takes the energy work included in the bootcamp totally next level, with an entire Energy Activation Audio Suite.

How is Web Copy Magic different from other copywriting programs I may have taken?

Great question!

Here are the three main ways that Web Copy Magic stands out from other copywriting programs:

1. The combination of energy work with proven conversion copywriting strategies and techniques

(Because I know that energy work can unlock incredible insights and breakthroughs for you, and help you nurture your connection to your own intuition and soul message!)

2. The focus on website copy, as opposed to just sales pages or general copywriting techniques

(Because I understand that every business is unique and that websites can be complex, which is why this program provides you with SO many website-related resources, from one-page website templates, to sales page templates, to lead magnet trainings, to upcoming new trainings on SEO and writing copy in a way that’s more inclusive of diverse audiences!)

3. The intimacy and 1:1 support

In some other copywriting programs, it can feel easy to get lost in the crowd and difficult to receive any personal feedback on your writing.

That’s why regular monthly Voxer Q&A days (where you can message me 1:1 on the free Voxer app, which you can download to your phone) are a major feature of the program, giving you consistent access to my insights and feedback on your writing.

(Because I’m a former writing professor, and I know that getting outside feedback on your words is CRUCIAL to becoming a stronger writer!!!)


"I have taken lots of courses but this was by far one of the most valuable!"

Louise O'Hanlon, Conductor and Coach

"Where I started and where I ended up after taking Web Copy Magic were two entirely different places! There was so much that was covered and it was just what I needed to get my website ready to launch.

The biggest AHA moment I had was about my messaging. I had been hiding parts of myself, and once I was able to completely OWN the importance of those, everything shifted.

 I have spent the past 3 1/2 years starting my coaching business but Suzy helped me zone in on my area of expertise, and pull all the threads together. And she did it quickly! The woman does not waste time. Every penny spent working with Suzy is worth it. I have taken lots of courses but this was by far one of the most valuable to me."

"I don't feel afraid of writing a web page or social media post now - and I'm also attracting higher-paying clients!"

Katie Crooks, Certified Hypnotherapist and Vocal Coach

"I joined Web Copy Magic because my website was out of date and didn't reflect my essence or the things that I really wanted to convey. I loved the way that Suzy combined incredible clarity with deep intuition and profound insight about my work, plus a no-nonsense, "let's-sort-your-sh*t-out" approach! 

Since taking the program, I don't feel afraid of writing a web page or social media post now, I understand how to structure it, I get it now! I know that I can easily rewrite any parts of my website if I choose, and although I'd gladly have Suzy advise me every single day, I know I can do it on my own - I feel independent, confident and much more clear abut what to do moving forwards.

I also really gained a sense of the true depth of my work in a way that has helped me lift myself up, believe in the power of my message and start to attract higher-achieving - and higher-paying clients! I came for copywriting and left with a renewed sense of confidence about what I'm offering the world and what my offerings are worth!"

Jennifer Pielak

Suzy's outside, expert eyes are fine-tuned to pulling out what makes YOU and what you have to offer really shine through. She challenged me to be braver, and I really appreciated that. 

I also feel like everything is flowing so much easier now after our work together. I feel more confident, clear, and brave and when I sit down to write a newsletter or Instagram post -- the words just come!



Emma Tynan

After spending time in Suzy's energy your words will sound like fire, like who you really were before the world told you to be 'quiet and nice'. Once you work with her, you’ll have words and language that powerfully activate the souls of your dream clients and just CLICK. 

You’ll have words that have resonance and sell your offerings and convert in seconds. In a sentence... Suzy is magic! Work with her!


business coach

Working with Suzy was an incredibly clarifying experience. She asked me questions that made me think about my business in ways I never had before. 

What I got out of our work went far beyond the copy she helped me with (which was amazing — obviously — because it’s Suzy!). She helped me go deep into my business, into myself and into understanding who I'm showing up to serve.



Copy is a living, breathing thing, and Suzy brings out magic with it! Her trainings are a great way to work through your own words and also watch her in action with others: helping you better understand how to bring power, authenticity, and exciting copy to life in real time!



Jennifer Gluckow

Suzy’s copy banked us multiple 5 figures in sales over a long weekend and skyrocketed our mailing list engagement! Her knack for offering high-level messaging strategy, and her ability to identify powerful, relatable stories that deeply connect with your audience is INCREDIBLE.



Yasmine Salem Hamdan

Before working with Suzy, I had an idea of the message I wanted to convey, but I wasn't sure how to deliver it, and my website needed a complete makeover. Working together helped me gain so much clarity in my messaging and in how to better communicate with my audience!


Lawyer for coaches

Suzy Cater

Your exquisite, next-level web copy — that brings in MORE leads and sales —  is waiting!

If you're someone who...

---> Loves to go deep with your work and words...  
---> Doesn’t want cookie-cutter templates or one-size-fits all frameworks...
---> Is longing for copy that honors your uniqueness and rich multifacetedness...

---> Sees yourself as a thought leader or trailblazer...

---> Wants to grow your business through the power of your voice and heartfelt words...

Then the next-level messaging strategies, incredible teachings and resources on website copy, deep intuitive and energetic work, and hands-on copy feedback and workshopping that you'll receive in Web Copy Magic are here to help you make those longings a reality. 

Ready to unapologetically claim the power of who you are and speak up fullthroated about what you're REALLY here to share?

More From My Clients

"I've never seen anyone channel as quickly as Suzy does powerful and beautiful words that capture your essence!"

Sandra Macher, Harpist and Professor

"Web Copy Magic: the title says it all! Suzy is a true magician when it comes to sharing her knowledge and experience, not only as a former university teacher and professional copywriter but as an inspiring, authentic and empathic human-being.

You´ll get everything you need when it comes to writing your website… but not from a “do this and do that” point of view. Instead, expect an inviting, explorative approach to finding out what speaks to you and how you want to speak with your audience and share your message.

You´ll also get way more than you’d expect with this program! Live feedback from Suzy, helpful worksheets, guides, ideas, and channeled activations that have the potential to help you get clear on your messaging in an easy and effortless way that you’ve probably never experienced before.

And finally, when it comes to workshopping and editing your copy, I’ve never seen anyone channel as quickly as Suzy does powerful and beautiful words that capture your essence in minutes!"

"Writing copy for my site used to be a long, agonizing process, but this time, it came together quickly!"

Joyce Elder, Conflict and Communications Consultant

"Before Web Copy Magic, I was frustrated, doubtful, and embarrassed about my website. I didn't want to sink money into a copywriter; if I didn't know anything about copy, how would I know what to look for in a copywriter or in copy they'd written?

But I found that without copy that did its job, my job could be unnecessarily difficult and undervalued - I wasn't inspired to write posts that only led to bad copy that didn't reflect me.

Web Copy Magic changed all that. Thanks to Suzy and the program, when I wrote copy this time, I wasn't trying to follow a model; I was finally able to understand the role each section played and choose how best to fulfill that in my own voice.

Writing copy for my site used to be a long, agonizing process, but this time, it came together more quickly, and I had more confidence. Now, looking at it after it's been up for a while without my looking at it, I'm actually still pleased with it!"

My work with Suzy went so much deeper than just copy. Together, we came up with a clearer, more streamlined vision for my website, and then built it out with new messaging that does justice to my experience, passion for what I do, and desire to transform the way that my industry works for the better. My site now conveys who I am and what I stand for - I love it!



Carina Lawson

OMG. So. Much. Support. Let's be clear that Suzy did a lot more than help me write my website copy - she really took the time to learn more about my business, my motivation, and how I help people. We also talked about my offers and how they could be best positioned to attract my ideal clients. I absolutely LOVED working with her - and my new copy is perfect!



Edie Moore

Suzy really opened my eyes to all the possibilities of showcasing my expertise! Soon after our work together, I used the messaging that she and I had discussed in an informal call with a potential client, and the client immediately wanted to work with me. Anyone wanting to revamp their messaging, and experience quick results, should look no further than Suzy!


LEARNING Experience DESIGN strategist

Swapna Patel

"Suzy's teachings on web copy are laser-focused and action-oriented! I feel more confident in my messaging now than ever before, have a clear action plan and vision, and can't wait to implement everything I learned!"



Suzy is a rare gem and more of what the world needs right now - someone who can help empower other business owners through the power of words and connection. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very kind and encouraging, and is a UNICORN at copywriting!

Lynne Stukart

Sound Therapist and Musician’s Coach

Experiencing Suzy's work has been so helpful in connecting to and trusting my own voice. She is an incredible coach: gentle, encouraging and intuitive. I've found the calls with her inspiring and so helpful in really identifying what I wanted to say. She really is powerful! 



"I am just in awe of how great this course is!"

Lydia Maria Bader, Concert Pianist

"I have been listening to the videos a lot over the last weeks and I‘m just in awe how great this course is!

The amount of information is huge and yet so well structured that I never feel beaten over the head with it.

What I just loooooove about it, is that there are examples of implementation for all sorts of businesses. As a non-teaching musician I often felt left out or just not really seen by other business courses or coaches, because I couldn’t adapt their strategies to my reality.

This course is just perfect for all kinds of artists who want to discover their core message and get it spread out beautifully on their website for the whole world to see!"

"If you're struggling in any way to write your web copy, it will break down those barriers for you!"

Sarah Whitbread, Copywriter

"Even though I'm a copywriter, who has strategies to dig deep and uncover my clients' message, translating that into my own copy is a different matter. I usually find it SO freakin' difficult to write about myself!

But Web Copy Magic was such an authentic, meaningful and important program. Suzy's genuineness and warmth in wanting you to succeed is tangible and palpable. I have become much clearer on my own processes as a copywriter through this program — my whole perspective shifted and it became far simpler! 

If you're struggling in any way to write your web copy, it will break down those barriers for you, and give you the confidence to just do it — and get it the f* out into the world! I can't recommend this program enough!"

Your options:


Sales + Service Page Focus


Or 4 x monthly payments of $137

Mod. 1: Magnetic Messaging Foundations

Mod. 3: Services + Offer Copy that Sells 

Bonus: Six-figure Sales Page Templates


3 x 75 min 1:1 Calls + 3 weeks of 1:1 Voxer Access + Channeled Soul Gift Reading + 1:1 Client Exercises + Everything in Web Copy Magic


Or 2 x monthly payments of $2625

1:1 Voice Messaging Access via Voxer to Suzy for 3 weeks (M, T, W, Th)

3 x 75 min 1:1 Live Writing, Editing and Coaching Calls with Suzy 

1 x 30 min Channeled Soul Gift Reading by Suzy 

Million-Dollar Messaging, Client Clarity, and Life-Mapping Exercises

Review of existing website, sales page, email, and social media copy, as needed

EVERYTHING in the Web Copy Magic Package


Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Access to the course materials will begin on Friday, May 19. (See the FAQ for more details.)

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